Nick Denton of Gawker doesn’t want you to read this blog about #fairpay

Nick Denton is a dirty, unethical, tax evading, labor law violating son of a bitch. After years of waging a phony, hypocritical class war against tech workers this 30 times millionaire violates labor laws not paying his interns causing them to sue. Well as he says “hypocrisy is the only modern sin” shame is he’s too stupid to realize it. Here’s some quotes from the sworn affidavits explaining why their “greedy” interns don’t deserve to be paid:

From the affidavit of Whitson Gordon, editor in chief of Gawker’s Lifehacker…

I believe that most of the internship consisted of training. We taught interns how to moderate comments on the Lifehacker website, how to review and find relevant blogs, and how to research online to find interesting ideas from which the editors could possibly craft a post. They would discuss with editors and send them links, and we would let them know if an article idea was viable, and most importantly, why. The teaching process was always ongoing throughout the duration of the internship.

From the affidavit of Charlie Jane Anders, managing editor of Gawker’s IO9…

None of our internships were paid, and the interns understood that it was an unpaid position. We had one or two paid interns at the launch of the site, but we stopped paying the next interns that arrived in 2009. None of the subsequent interns complained that they were not paid since they understood that it was an unpaid internship from the beginning…

The training program was not a formal process. We explained the required tasks when the interns first arrived and then gave them lots of feedback over the first month or two to make sure they were on track. For example, when interns carried out research, they would often come back with insufficient results. I would tell them how they missed important things that were necessary to make the research truly complete enough for a story. After giving them research tips, I would send them back to try the research again.

From the affidavit of Jessica Coen, editor in chief of Jezebel…

The interns performed a wide variety of tasks in order to give them an understanding of how the site works as a while. They would crunch numbers for fashion week, which consisted of counting the number of models of color who appeared in the fashion shows… Simply observing what it is like to work at a place like Gawker is valuable, and internships at Gawker sites are good for a person’s resume… It is an invaluable experience to work with any editor directly, and several Jezebel interns had the opportunity to work with editors one-on-one.

See it’s ok because WE knew they were blog slaves. We were going to give them their freedom papers one day we swear! They should be grateful we swooped them out of the jungle and taught them how blogs work!

During this time Gawker wrote about OTHER companies using unpaid interns that were denied the same rights as employees. Companies like Phoenix satellite television, Conde Nast who was at least paying under a dollar an hour. Zimbabwe wages sure but it was something, they could buy a hot pocket or frozen burrito. Facebook when one of their employees asked for an unpaid assistant. Called that “the biggest dick move of Silicon Valley 2013”. That was by Sam “Bring Back Bullying, I love Mein Kamf” Biddle by the way.

Nick Denton likes to think of himself as a big shot editor-in-chief of a journalistic publication that rivals the New York Times when he and his staff couldn’t report their way out of a paper bag without copying it from a 2 day old reddit post.

They aren’t writers, they are biters. They don’t sample stories they swipe them. How many black twitter tweets are gonna make their headlines? Why did they think they could plagiarize the Miami Times?

Now here’s the stuff they really don’t want you to know.

As you read Gawker REALLY doesn’t want any blogs out about them or their practices.  They don’t want “inflammatory” hashtags like #FairPay being used in association with the lawsuit and most definitely no posts on subreddits like:



Most of all people that are part of the #GamerGate movement for journalistic ethics that’s already cost them a million in advertising for being idiots in public shouldn’t be given more ammunition as to Gawkers shitty practices.

So we should all truly respect that and their privacy.  HAHA just kidding fuck you.  The irony of Gawker & Nick Denton getting mad about the internet spreading something made me committed to spreading it everywhere.  I don’t know about you but I’m doing all this shit and you should too.  I’m out.


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