When an online anti harassment group is run by a harasser

I really hate writing so please take into consideration the fact that I am writing this at 3 am on a Friday must mean I’m writing something important and true to me. Recently Zoe Quinn has unveiled her CrashOverrideNWanti-harassment group. I have serious reason to believe Zoe Quinn wants to end online harassment as much as Amy Winehouse wants to join the DEA. Any POSSIBLE reason they would do this is purely for their own benefit.

I’m not minimizing things people might have said or done to Zoe but highlighting things Zoe has done to others, namely myself.

Now there’s a lot of Zoe stories out there, but this one is mine and why I’m inclined to believe other stories about Zoe. I’m a black indie dev and during the course of #GamerGate I started a hashtag #notyourshield. This was for all the minorities and women that didn’t buy the media narrative and wanted to talk about Games Journalism. In fact I think #Notyourshield has the potential and needs to be bigger than GamerGate but people like Zoe chose to rag on it. Now I corrected her on some misinformation and I just asked keep my/our name out of your mouth and I’ll keep yours out of mine.

Because I really didn’t care about Zoe, really one of my reasons for caring about GamerGate was hearing a game competition was corrupt. Now at this time I was working, personally, out of pocket, no patreon or kickstarter on a large scale personal project: Detroit in Decline. It was a personal game something I wanted to take out there so of course if my plan was to spend a year or more on a project for this competition I would like to know if it’s rigged.

Anyways the notyourshield thing ticked some people off, I ended up getting hacked, harassed, threats, I cover that a lot so not getting into it but one day I think her boyfriend was saying something about the charity work we were doing so I tell him to piss off because at this point I’m not doing anything to impress these people they are proven liars to me. Well Zoe goes ahead and posts this: http://imgur.com/6m4FTpE. Apparently someone was putting stuff hacked from my personal accounts to smear me. This person evidently edited out the comments where I state with friends that post is a joke, chose to ignore the actual screenshots right next to that post to clarify I clearly did not create the Last Of Us in a matter of months. http://imgur.com/9xUaegMThat’s a private facebook for friends and family I NEVER made public, and in years nobody has attempted to infiltrate despite being notorious in other endeavors they don’t buy shit from me, they know they get hooked up.

But it gave me such a great insight into Quinns behavior, associates, I mean here is what I’m supposed to accept as our champion for social justice in gaming on multiple occasions badmouthing an idea by a black man, then acting to smear him in front of tens of thousands because he doesn’t agree with her. Quinn didn’t attempt a civil conversation, a discussion or even to politely ignore, she chose to attack. On multiple occasions in fact even after clearing up the 1st time which really told me it’s intentionalhttp://imgur.com/ADAC1KC

I found other people in the SJ community that find her behavior questionable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_UKErD0uGQ

Conspiracy to harass in the past and prior victims.

I have no horses in the GamerGate race, no reasons to promote my ideas, I’m done developing and no longer consider myself a gamer with Steam reporting these as my most “played” titles: http://imgur.com/spWIM47

In a couple months it’ll be like I never happened.

However I’d hate upon my departure to find out Quinn and her friends and this environment contributed to other minorities leaving gaming because so many bet on the wrong horse misinformed.

I made some false equivalencies between the gaming world and the world of artistry I come from and for that I am sorry. I believed video games were made by talented people that loved creating and competition over ideology and drama. I believed entertainers in gaming would want to give their audience 120% for putting food on the table for doing something they loved. I didn’t want a medal for being a black game dev from Detroit because I sure as hell don’t get medals for showing up here, nor do I believe anyone else should. I don’t think my own misdeeds should be glossed over because of that status anymore than any other persons should. I believe 100% more in the product than the person or identity of the person making it. I was wrong about all of that and more in the gaming world. I won’t fight to stay in a relationship that’s abusive towards me as somehow game journalists, game devs and even social justice proponents have become abusive towards me. Still I will give people the heads up when an abuser tries to scam them. If you don’t listen and look up more info on this person & these people, (not the media narrative, because as someone that’s lived it their full of shit) it’s your fault not mine I wash my hands. As for me and gaming, the trust and respect is gone. so am I. Hopefully more follow.

Like I said in my last article it’s such a big beautiful world out here full of things to do that wasting it on video games especially now that I know the people who make them seems like it should be a crime. Save your money, travel, do anything but spend it and your time on people who sold us all out a long time ago.(spend it on my mixtape)

Another story of Quinns history of online harassment:  http://t.co/u4nAWbAHWM

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