And To Absolutely No Ones Surprise the #Shorty awards are rigged

As of today several nominees have been removed from the Shorty Awards.  Myself in the blogger category(who was beating Kotaku), Milo Yiannopoulos in the journalist category, Mike Cernovich in healthy living.  Oddly developer Jennifer Daww’s place slid to fourth in gamer AFTER the competition, PC master Race slid to 5th.

I will update this as new information comes in but it’s worth watching Opie and Anthony talk about the Shorty’s.  I’d definitely be interested in hearing from the shorty’s themselves why a blogger that talks about everything from good deals, diy projects, corruption in state, finance, journalism, minority issues to women’s issues in the media would be quietly removed without notice from a competition about blogging.

 Long story “short” it’s designed purely to part fools from their money.  This competition in no way represents the best, or excellence in it’s categories, or the peoples choice.

These people are the SilverString Media(people that pulled the strings of GamerGate with the “Gamers are dead” and PR tour & even Law and Order episode to shame them) of MSM.  Muck Rack is Produced by Sawhorse Media, who happens to also be the main Shorty Awards producer. Now Muck Rack, an agency that links Journos to PR agencies (if it seems familiar its because SSM is the exact same shit)has for Co-Founder Burt Herman, who also Co-founded Storify (yes, one big circlejerk).  The guy mostly follows Left wing Media Journos and Agencies, his main base of operations is San Fran (no wonder) and is also connected to the NYT people, while some of his contacts seem legit, there are others… well, Noah Chestnut from Buzzfeed is one weak link, though so far he doesn’t seem connected directly to any particular aGG person, the Media that has smeared our faces is another story, as his Muck Rack “agency” have linked people from the NYT, editors and other staff possibly, so there’s enough to start thinking into digging deeper first and then deciding whether or not to contact them at all or just start a full blown campaign against them (though more as a secondary target, this is MSM, people Like Stephen Fry seem to be into the Shorty Awards “Academy” (though it is not clear whether or not they actually do any judging) so it might be a tough one to bring down.  Still I’d like to thank everyone that voted for me and hope I can contribute to finding out whats going on here to prove why I earned these votes.

So far it seems Brianna Wu(who was chosen by the “academy” has spoken against PC master race and other nominees has at least one friend among the judges

Corrupt Journo/Judge wrote this 3 weeks ago:

Also plugged Wu in their book

other references to the Shorty Awards being rigged:

vote buying?

For me, someone that mainly became active on the net to expose corruption and talk about issues, to have people attack me offline, persevere through all of that, find my voice, establish channels, partnerships and presence to be silenced again is like being re-victimized.  Will the web EVER be a safe place for minorities to speak out?

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