Feminists & SJW’s are racist

The worst thing about nerds that become bullies is you’ll never convince them they are anything but victims.  I’ve said it once:

Seen it personally


Seen other talk about it in the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag so I really have to ask.  What does it say when Twitter hashtags like the above & #notyourshield give more of a voice to minorities than orgs/people claiming to be about them?  With allies like ya’ll who the fuck needs enemies?  Their so racist they make ME racist, I want to put on a dashiki, sell bean pies and tell every black person I know to avoid the white devils!  Seriously it would be better if these people just sat on their hands and did NOTHING.  It’s better than ALWAYS being reduced to a second class citizen.  It’s like they don’t understand, when I wake up in the morning I know I’m black, it’s all the colorless people that need special lotion just to stand in the soothing radiance of the sun for hours that are weird to me!

While being black I grew up in 5 of the worlds most dangerous neighborhoods, had a mentor that was a pimp, family that were black separatists, fell in puppy love with a girl that was raised by white separatists, saw people die, taught myself music, went to college, got an education, paid the bills, got pulled over a few more times than I should of, got jobs at some of the worlds largest companies, went back to one of those shitty neighborhoods to try to help kids out in the position I grew up in because I was sick of being the only black guy.

In other words, you can’t tell me NOTHIN’!  I really don’t need your two cents on my life experience because you watched a Different World once.

It really is an insidious form of racism. The racism of low expectations. They patronize minorities and women, and see them as something akin to children who need help. This is why they feel so embolden to correct “trouble makers”, or the “wrong thinking” minorities and women. Because how dare they talk back to their parents?

The entire reason I got into blogging/videos was because of how much these people were fucking up while pretending to act in my & others best interests.  It was finally time for someone to set the record straight.

2 thoughts on “Feminists & SJW’s are racist

  1. I’ve always thought of it like this:

    All minorities have a right to be discriminated against equally because the alternative is these people who clearly never experienced what it means to be discriminated against, treating you like you’re children who can’t speak for yourselves.

    All we, as a society, can really do against racism is give everyone the same treatment before the law. Everything else has to sort itself out over time. Racism can’t be defeated with further racism.

    Really like your blog btw. Rock on.

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