New vocabulary word this week:  Journoterrorist!  No longer content with unethical behavior, outright lies and dictating narratives and having lost the thin veneer of integrity they once used to fool the public they’ve struck out on their own to MAKE the news and take their authoritarianism to the streets!

  After A weekend Filled with Bomb Threats,  death threats sent to American Game Developer American Mcgee and those threats widely accepted and endorsed by feminists across the web the journoterrorists have redoubled their efforts to harass, intimidate, and suppress the efforts towards free speech and a more ethical media!  In our featured image you can see Video Game Journalist, pedophile, and rapist Ben Kuchera stating his intentions for all the world to see!

Here’s Arse Technica writer Elle Caya supporting bomb threats

loves bomb threats

The International Game Developers Association (famous for corruption, cronyism, drugs, alleged human trafficking and sex tourism) had this discussion:


Showing more remorse for their crumbling narrative that was built on a bed of sand than for the hundreds they’ve harmed.

These journoterrorists are deranged, sick, ready to go off at any time just look at their manifestos!


Is there any end to this madness in sight?  Get the whole story here every day!  No spin!  No lies!  No white washing! No agenda! here at Millertime!

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