Video Game “Critic” MovieBob is a pedophile and has undoubtedly molested children

I can’t get mad at Bob, let alone laugh at him. He just seems so absolutely pathetic. He can’t move past being bullied when he was younger, but also seems to have taken away no real skills during his time in school. Being severely overweight and bald sucks, but you can still overcome those things, but Bob genuinely looks terrible, and much older than his actual age. It’s obvious he lives a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve watched some of his stuff, and as a critic, he is incredibly ignorant and thoughtless. He’s quick to label things with little consideration. Case in point, his obsession with the jock/bully persona that he constantly forces onto whatever group is bothering him. His praise of Other M, and dislike of Metroid Prime for being an FPS is another example of his mindless categorization and criticism. He speaks with authority regarding comics, games, and film, his supposed passions, but most of the time he’s either completely off the mark or regurgitating popular opinion/wikipedia article. As a person, he just seems utterly clueless, from the way he dresses(a trench coat, super mario t-shirt, and those ill fitting fat jeans? really?) to his mindless prattle about various social issues, he comes across as nothing but oblivious and hollow. That tweet where he defends fedoras and his desire to wear his is particularly telling.

What’s left when you’re completely in the dark about both your hobbies and basic human socialization?

The details about his personal life you can take away from his videos and book are even more saddening. It seems like he lives with his family, who all have a low tolerance for his interests. Doesn’t the image of him quietly recording his ramblings at night upset you? How about him spending hours playing DS in his car to avoid his family? He’s most likely a kissless virgin, and I don’t see him having many friends. Of course, there’s also the way he talks about Mario, and that’s just even more sad. All he really has is his memories of playing NES, and whatever the next big Mario release is. There’s little to him besides that, and his book is especially dark in that regard. It’s fine and good to take comfort in the things you like, but the way he takes such a simple and straightforward series so seriously is so cringe worthy.

I can laugh at everyone else, but Bob is a special kind of pathetic. You can just tell he’s going to die alone, having accomplished nothing…

I agree there’s really nothing else you can say or add about the guy.  Except to remind people to keep him far away from children

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