Leigh Alexander: Officially the worlds WORST writer

There are many words to describe Leigh Alexander: Fat, racist, hateful, vindictive, biased, alcoholic, thot, drug addled, short sighted, professional pathological liar, parasite, but they haven’t invented a word that illustrates how bad she is with words.

Let’s start with what her friends think about her:

She generally came off as a very insecure, desperate-to-fit-in person hiding behind a facade of disdain and superiority. She was not a terribly good writer. She found a handful of phrases and descriptive elements, and endlessly reworked them into everything she posted…I felt her public fixation on sexual issues was off-putting.

what I’ve read of hers has shown a lack of fact-checking or research. She has a very blatant agenda with anything she writes, and will be loose with the facts to support that.

attention-starved phony.

She’s a fraud through and through. That hasn’t changed.

a bigot that doesn’t deserve her job, and your lack of integrity and inclusiveness is evidence of that.

Girl, time to leave the games writing business.

I mostly remember her for being kind of an elitist girl. She would lash out if things didn’t go her way.

Leigh was, for lack of a better term, insufferable. She was hard to swallow even when we were all very practiced in dealing with overpowering personalities. She was loud, demanding, unfair, and worst of all a fairly talented writer. Nowadays she plays the victim just as well as she ever did. She sings and dances around criticism and directs it deftly into herself as a personal attack that she can just shrug off and discredit because when it’s about her, it’s not about her opinions, her words, her attitude, or her personality. She wears the mummer’s motley well, but I think that’s actually just who she is, so who am I to call her a phony? She’s self-serving, manipulative, and abusive. She was when we were kids.

She might be the most true to herself person I know.

I think it’s a coping mechanism, you have to buy-in to what you’re doing –otherwise you have a massive breakdown. Your entire life is a lie, and everything you do is meaningless, years of your life has been wasted etc, etc.

Did I ever think Leigh Alexander would become a critical games journalist? Is she now? I played video games professionally for years, and I had never heard of her except in passing.

There were several parties where PR people would mutter that she was causing drama during public engagements and sometimes, would be told a party was ending or urged to another one simply to get her out of the doors.

at the time, was in a small group of women who were considered to be ‘feminism grenades’ because you could not speak about anything without it becoming a gender debate. Even when drunk, she would edge almost anyone out of a conversation simply by pointing out that she was fighting for women. In the same breath, she would do shots and then gossip about other females that she felt were not progressive enough for her wildly trendy standpoints.

she made it look like being brash, inebriated and furious was going to make anyone any friends for the causes she supposedly had. If you disagreed with her, you were suddenly seen as an outcast. If you agreed with her, you were seen as one of her pets. Not just by others, but by herself as well.

An example of everything that is wrong with video game journalism

Leigh was never loved as a child either


In childhood Leigh was known for writing bad fanfiction and abusing small mammals even as an adult she is known to prepare hot beverages such as coffee and pour them on hamsters to determine what temperature inflicts the most pain before death.


Because Leigh never had a childhood, has never known love, a true friend, or what it felt like to be pretty well into her 40’s spending her life as an entirely unknown, video game reviewer Leigh lashed out against a group she describes as “Gamers”.  To most that word would describe anyone that has ever or will regularly play one of the millions of titles available but in her warped mind this came to justify damaging anyone who disagrees with her with the thin veneer of feminism to justify her childish behavior.



In this piece with help from DeepFreeze.it We will bury Leigh Alexander.  Dispell the myths, the lies, the pretenses and demonstrate why she is the worlds worst writer.

From DeepFreeze.it check out their site for much more!

1st Leigh was a Member of GameJournoPros a mailing list members of competing gaming sites used to effectively dictate what news, reviews, scores you would get.  Their actions together consituted blacklisting, censorship, groupthink, cronyism and more to force their agenda into gaming culture.

Leigh spearheaded the “Gamers are dead” media blitz with an often-quoted inflammatory piece.  A writer that can correctly identify a problem in a hobby(especially the small section of the hobby “Quinspiracy” consisted of before Leigh “megaphoned” it to every gamer in the world.) without throwing everyone in a hobby in it using terms like ” obtuse shitslingers”.  It would of even been better if it weren’t written in defense of a friend that had banged 5 game journalists that weekend, got favorable coverage, mentions, reviews, and was shocked people thought something might be up but more on that story later.

By later I mean now.

Wrote about Zoe Quinn without disclosing their friendship.  It must really suck for Quinn to have to know all these game writers threw her under the bus rather than held up their ethical responsibility in the 1st place so gamers wouldn’t have to do all this due dilligence into companies promoting products to them.

Wrote about Naomi Clark two times without disclosing their friendship.

Wrote about Christine Love without disclosing their friendship.

Wrote about her friend Robin Arnott without disclosing their friendship.

Wrote about Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris without disclosing their friendship.

Wrote about Anna Anthrophy several times without disclosing their friendship.

Wrote positively about Carl Icahn without disclosing him being a major investor of her then-employer Gamasutra‘s parent company UBM.

Wrote twice about BabyCastles without disclosing her friendship with several people involved in the gaming venue.

Wrote about the videogame Gone Home twice without disclosing her personal relationship with most of the production company.

Co-owns Game promotion agency. Promotes customers on personal accounts and site.

Beyond being an unethical journalist Leigh Alexander is anti-consumer.

Covering up the troubled development of Bioshock Infinite which certainly would of eased disappointment and probably seen a few preorder returns.

Leigh leveraged what little clout & integrity she had to determine how the #GamerGate story would be spun in her favor:

Leigh Alexander once in one of the few things she’ll be famous for claimed “Gamers don’t have to be her audience” “Gamers are over”.  With the tell of the tape over Leigh Alexander has no audience, having been fired from Gama Sutra stripped of her megaphone, somewhere complaining about a childrens card game in between begging for spare change.


Still a drunken loser…smh

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  3. Hello.
    I liked your article but I think this part contains a mistake.
    “Covering up the troubled development of Bioshock Infinite which certainly would of eased disappointment and probably seen a few preorder returns.”
    I think it should be “which would’ve eased the disappointment”

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