Is Zoe Quinn/Chelsea “Pay to play”


We’ve covered Zoe in the past mentioning her history of online harassment of developers, journalists, charity organizations, even lawyers.  Recently an undisclosed $800 sent by game journalist Nathan Grayson to Quinn was revealed in leaked emails.  Anonymous sources in the game dev community have said Zoe “basically throws it at you” and Grayson was quoted as saying:

“This concerns something that happened then–nothing even *remotely* work-related. Given that it’s a personal matter, I’d prefer not to say any more.”
To his credit, Grayson does mention that he dated Quinn, but he made no mention that he dated Quinn and had financial ties to the subject when he was writing about her. It creates a conflict of interest because to a reader from the outside looking in, it could appear as if Grayson is indebted to Quinn and is writing about her as part of re-payment.

To further understand Zoe’s history of abuse I’d like to link an unrelated video of an expert breaking it down.  If you find yourself in an abusive situation or relationship seek help.  If you know someone abusive do not enable them

To understand the car pileup of conflicts of interest Nathan Grayson has as a “journalist” click here

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