Alex Lifschitz entirely unemployable!


The “Gamers Are Dead” movement was the dumbest thing that happened in all of human history.  It is a tale spun by idiots of sound and fury signifying nothing.  The kind of thing you would expect to happen in the WWE rather than a real life business.  A faction of gorilla walking wrestlers comes down to the ring with some sort of authoritarian “New World Order” gimmick, tells all the fans they stink, wrestling/gaming sucks, tears up pictures of fan favorites and just as the jeers crescendo The Rock comes running down to the ring, lays the smackdown on their candy asses, Rock Bottoms the jabroni in charge electrifying millions.


Sometimes life itself is the Rock, as Alex along with other participants find themselves unemployable in gaming or any other industry reminiscient of the many “jobbers” now retired with that moment of hitting the mat at the hands of their betters being the highlight of their career.


Now while Alex Lifschitz is certainly unemployable I believe once AGAIN Zoe Quinn has wove a wicked web, another self-serving tale so in this special SEO piece let’s fully explore all of the reasons Alex Lifschits should never be hired by anyone.  I won’t be kicking this tale off a cousin of his will with a testimony to Alex’s charater, past, and traits:

How are you still such a huge entitled asshole, Alex?

“”I’d written him off two years ago,” Lifschitz says, saying that they had a modern sort of family dispute. Cousin said something vile and “misogynistic” on Facebook””

My cousin accuses people of misogyny all the time. That isn’t the same thing as being a misogynist. Pretty simple, right? I was posting a Facebook status about the 2012 election and my cousin arrogantly decided to wade in and call me a misogynist. He’s always been comfortable in carelessly accusing anyone he has a problem with as being a misogynist or any other label he sees fit. If only people could see his old facebook posts about how he felt entitled to girls but they always chose better looking assholes over him. It was Elliot Rodger-esque, but no one knows about that stuff, and it’s long gone now.

“Lifschitz unfriended and blocked. Done and done. Once GamerGate got into full swing, however, this cousin reappeared online, and he had become a fully fledged GamerGate member—a potentially dangerous one at that.”

I don’t give a shit about gamergate/anti gamergate. I’ve never used the hashtag, but again Alex says whatever he wants to say. It’s one of the weirdest issues I’ve ever seen. But I do 100% support anyone else who sees you for the huge condescending phony prick you are.

“He allegedly began directing social media posts (from “three sockpuppet accounts”) at Quinn and Lifschitz full of the kind of information only a family member might know.”

Yeah, I think it’s worth knowing that while Alex is grandstanding all over the internet, he’s actually a slimy awful person in his real day to day life. And it’s pretty infuriating that him and Zoe call themselves homeless. Have you ever seen a homeless person getting $4,000 a month? People can give money to whatever they want. But them claiming homelessness is very insulting to actual homeless people.

“”He was so dumb about it,” Lifschitz said.

Said the guy who has half the internet harassing him with no end in sight…

“He used his old handle from a music forum for one. He used his old OKCupid handle for another. And he started sending personal information at me about my family, when people were looking for things to attack me with and put my family in danger.””

I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I think that’s obvious given how easily you could find those names I used. My name was taken so I used other names. You know how you use your dumb vontendy name instead of Alex Lifschitz? Kind of like that.

“After telling some family members, Lifschitz asked them to hold off on taking any action so that he could watch what his cousin might say or do as a “case study” for how Internet harassers and trolls act. Eventually, after compiling enough screenshots and proof of identity, “We had that cathartic thing we all want to do with Internet trolls: we told his parents!””

No, Alex didn’t tell my parents anything. He ran to his brother/daddy and asked them to write my parents something. Yes, irreverent tough guy Alex Lifschitz ran to his daddy, who composed an email to my parents. They don’t know what the hell gamergate is, and their response was “this is really stupid and annoying, just do whatever his dad’s asking for so he’ll leave us alone”. And then his Dad threatened to sue me or take me to moon court or something.

So I’d like to formally go on record and say that the rumors are true: my cousin Alex is a huge asshole, and is fully deserving of any criticism that has come his way over the past year. Just don’t go too far or he’ll tell his daddy on you and threaten to sue you/take you to moon court. Anyone who’s got any other questions about Alex can email me. Happy to answer questions!

Who knows you better than family?  What’s more important than family in this world?  “My cousin Alex is a huge asshole” “Elliot Rodger-esque” “huge condescending phony prick” “30+ and snitching to his parents to get them to threaten to sue” those are some powerful words any employer might consider coming from family.

Anyone thinking of hiring Alex is probably going to take a look at his LinkedIn:

Let’s give it a little breakdown:

His most recent “work” as of 2015 is with the Crash Override Network as “Co-founder” alongside Zoe Quinn.  Who some of you might know is an internet harasser citing an “addiction” to a forum that once drove a girl to suicide:


but wait there’s more!  Even as recently as 2014 Zoe Quinn was GREAT friends with online harassers like known rapist Laurelai, and B0ltwolf[user now banned from twitter for harassment] who took great pride in posting the personal information of people like officer Darren Wilson, and anyone else in general she didn’t like!

proof 2 proof

but wait potential employers there’s even more!

Here’s a great writeup about a games writer she harassed and breaking down the C.O.N.(crash override network).

fact: in 6 months Crash Override Network doesn’t have one proven case of stopping online harassment.  This blog has one and it was started in May.  An online harassment initiative started by an internet harasser is just a scam.

He also cites:

Online Abuse Prevention Initiative

as a place of employment.  Surprisingly this is another organization run by someone who has personal vendettas that interfere with their work, misuses funds, and is run by someone who has a history of harassment online.  Here’s a great writeup:

So the correct answer for what he does in 2015 is “unemployed”, “leeching off of scam artists”, “participating in online harassment”.  So what kind of tweets did Alex make DURING his time in the Game industry that might preclude him from future work?

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and here he is getting the verbal smackdown from Disturbed lead singer David Draiman!

depending on your companies Tattoo policy you might want to know he has a tramp stamp

Since he sites PR as one of his specialities(lol)  let’s look at his role as an influencer:

his youtube channel despite being plugged by mainstream gaming media, friends and more started in may 2014 and has 20,321 views

as a simple comparison I started in August and have 184,351 views.  This blog has existed less than a month with no mainstream hype and has over 150k unique visitors.  Maybe that’s because he says stuff like “impartiality is bullshit”.

Here’s a lawyer talking about what a useless trust fund kid he is:

When we break it all down the only two things on his resume that appear to be certifiably true with proven track records and references are: he can read and write sometimes at a high school level, and “A commanding knowledge of Tom Waits’ discography.”

Ultimately there’s people in this world that open doors and people that close doors.  Alex’s case is the latter, a billionaires son that chose to partake in a months long campaign of libel and slander against an industry he works in.  Shitting where he eats so to speak.  In the defense of liars, cheats, and toxic people in the industry.  Now that their sideshow is over, people have grown bored of looking at the Geek Show they find themselves with nothing.  It turned out gamers weren’t dead, they just didn’t need people like Lifshitz.  Which is why games he’s demonstrated to hate like Grand Theft Auto are still making record profits and this piece might be the highlight of his career.

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Come down off the cross, we could use the wood.

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