David Jaffe tells off a Kotaku writer for slandering him


On February 7, 2012 Kate Cox releases a click-bait article saying David Jaffe(known for Twisted Metal and God of War) recommends his new game as sexual aid.

The article in question consisted of a subjective analysis of a joke made by David Jaffe. In the article, Leigh Alexander accused David Jaffe of being a misogynist because of a sexual joke he made, even though Katie Cox doesn’t have the professional degree to make any kind of psychological analysis, she tried to find nonexistent messages on Jaffe comments which are the following:

  • Only straight men could be interested in his game.
  • The best way for a man to get something is with underhanded trickery.
  • Women are incapable of winning a co-op match on their own.

February 8, 2012. Kate Cox released a follow up of her article, where David clarified what he really meant and cleared misunderstandings.

On February 20, an interview done by Stephen Totilo with David was uploaded to Ben Kuchera’s soundcloud. David pointed out how below the standards Kate Cox’s article was, the claims she made were her own interpretations of his words and the clear streching of the definition of misogyny to accuse him of being one subconciously.

Also here’s a freebie reason no one respects Kotaku:


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