Is Jessica Nigri at the end of the road?


I’m curious what you think of Jessica Nigri. She is a professional attention whore… uh, I mean.. Cosplayer. She recently announced she has made enough money to retire from attending conventions and letting nerds touch her, however she loves her fans so much she will keep on doing it for them. Her boobs are completely “natural” and recently grew 3 cup sizes in a year!  Check out what her ex-boyfriend had to say about her!


How to be a famous cosplayer in 3 steps:

1. Get a Boob Job

2. Deny

3. Deny


The bolt ons work well for her but her front end is getting a little weathered, tanning beds and bleach do that to a girl same as rock salt in the winter to a car but still she’s getting to be an older model and paint jobs/photoshop can’t hide the rust under the surface she’s gonna want to take that in for restoration, put a cat back exhaust on there to get that nose situation straightened out throw some “fix-a-flat” in the “tires” and she’ll have a few more miles left on her.


One thought on “Is Jessica Nigri at the end of the road?

  1. you know, it’s funny, i was watching an interview of her today

    i’m not the kind of guy to go ‘fake gamer girl UGH’ but it does interest me, and I did feel the vibe coming from her quite strongly. I don’t know, just sort of little word missteps, only liking popular games as well…nothing rock solid of course, but still

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