Bloggers on Tumblr have been using the tag #lifting to share their exploits with each other.




Some citizens have taken up vigilante efforts to find out whose these people are and bring them to justice.


you can expect many hilarious stories as this develops but for now just laugh at how stupid these people are

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update median income graph of these tumblr users:



  1. What the fuck is wrong with these people – that one girl who says it helped her be clean? So CRIME was your way out wth who CARES, that’s not a GOOD coping method ffs

  2. I refuse to believe that this isn’t a prank by The Onion. It’s one thing to steal and brag about it, but it’s another to believe that you’re somehow validated in doing so!

    • Am ex-girlfriend of mine picked up this hobby after spending too much time on tumblr. It’s a drugless high – an adrenaline rush you get in the moment and a trophy you can show off afterward. She was also lower-class with a single bartender mom, who couldn’t afford to buy things from the little money she got from her McDonald’s job.

      It’s an easy choice to make if you assume you’ll never get caught, and it can look pretty appealing to people who desire but do not have.

  3. WTF does the “update median income graph of these tumblr users” chart even mean? There’s no scale for the left side. WTF does it mean?!

    • It isn’t a graph with an X and Y axis. The far left starts at $0. It simply shows us, relative to the average, how most of these bloggers are quite well off and don’t lift to survive.

    • I think each bar represents a doxxed tumblr lifter ‘ s zip code. Almost all of the zip codes are are for areas where the median income is far higher than the national average. Basically it means the average tumblr lifter is likely to come from a wealthy family.

    • I believe the vertical axis is a sorted list of the median incomes of doxed lifters; the graph is demonstrating that the vast majority of them can be reasonably assumed to be richer than average.

    • Each bar is a piece of doxxed trash. Except for the red bar, which is a reference for the national average income from honest, hardworking people.

  4. There is no way that one girl had a real coke problem. No one says that they “did four blows”. Even if she did, she just traded one addiction for another and her parents were totally cool with it. Yeah ok. This all screams spoiled rich girl with daddy issues. Steal yourself a pair of stripper heels, you’re gonna need em’ honey.

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