Anne Rice makes Randi Harper her bitch

Old, overweight, meth addled, child trafficking, racist, thieving, non-tax paying, yuck-mouth, teeth like a set of bowling pins after a throw, mustached, idiot Randi Harper has been throwing salt everywhere because author and sane human being Anne Rice had Harper’s review of a book removed from Amazon.  It wasn’t so much a review of the book in question but of the author’s twitter or some-such petty ass SJW-think-their-opinions are relevant bullshit.


Randi under the delusion that she’s real people is fighting to get the review for the book she never read back up.

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Of course when realizing she realized she can’t have her way she used the feminist/SJW staples of crying abuse.


which is rich from someone who attempted to sell their own children, has a plethora of criminal charges behind them including theft.


this is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh with a final quote:

David Maynor told me how he aided a push to have Randi Harper (aka sektie/sekt0rgrl) fired from her job because she gave him bad head in a burger king bathroom. He didn’t finish and she never paid him back for the meth he gave her to get the beej.


update:  Sissy Chu shows up to defend the honor of this crackhead offering his unwanted opinion on a book he never read.


They’ve also taken to smearing the anti-bullying organization Anne supports on Web of Trust(and hilariously started referring to Anne Rice as “GamerGate” showing now these people just use the term towards anyone truthful with them they dislike)

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