Crash Override Network: The CON ends here

We covered Randi Harper earlier this week and I feel it’s important to emphasize she’s the self-proclaimed “CEO” of “online abuse prevention initiative“.  To sum up that story for you guys too lazy to click Randi wrote a review, of a book she never read and refused to read to harass an author she didn’t like, a group called “Stop the Goodreads Bullies” had the review removed and wrote a blog on it, she lost her shit and tried to pick a fight with Anne Rice.  She called in more friends and they generally made embarrassments of themselves so hard it made me question whether I really need to continue this blog.


Some of you might remember Leigh as the world’s worst writer who is currently getting her shit wrecked in USA Alexa and pagerank by a nigga in Detroit typing on a cell phone with a 1 month old website.

jmillerworks offworld

Really how are you going to get your shit slapped in your own homecourt by 1 dude?  That’s just embarrassing.  That means more people came here to read about your monkey ass than people that read your monkey ass site!  We don’t believe you you need more people!

A lot of the people I talk about are going to be familiar.  We’ve talked about the Crash Override Network or “CON”.  We’ve talked about the Co-founder of CON most well-known for being told to fuck off by the lead singer of Disturbed for disturbing him.  Both work with Harper.  These dickheads run in packs you see.

Well to go back to Randi for a second today she’s decided to start some dumb bullshit with the creator of Minecraft.


Between CON and Randi’s anti-bullying whatever, is there ANYONE in a “leadership position” in either group that hasn’t been involved in harassment to the point of being told off by a celebrity publicly?  It was one thing a few months ago when it was just “hey these people are actually incredibly involved in online harassment to the point of belonging to special clubs that focus on harassing people towards suicide” but they can’t even keep it together well enough to not get caught and called out by people with millions of followers.

How long are Twitter, as well as other social networks, press and enablers going to decisively stand on the wrong side of this issue?

They don’t care about the issues they speak about except to monopolize them, Harper railed against that book collecting stories of women in tech because SHE wanted that turf.  The organizers of Crash Override are known harassers and even when it comes to “women and minorities in video games” they are far better known for the enemies they’ve made in women and minorities who aren’t part of the clique, who won’t “get down or lay down” so to speak, than any branches extended.  They don’t want these things to happen they want to control who and why it happens with themselves at the top of the pyramid.  But in case your still not convinced these people are sociopaths just look at the glowing endorsements these people leave in their wakes!

Siloraptor_Blocklist_Has_A_Dumb_Algorithm rosario1


These people don’t need donations, platforms, “networks”, initiatives, or tax-exampt status they need psychiatric care.  I lost a TON of respect for gaming due to these CLEARLY dysfunctional people effectively being given the floor to tell one sided tales, falsehoods, bully individuals and participate in the creation of the worst atmosphere gaming has ever had.  Don’t let their creep spread across the rest of social media.

update: hear a random internet user tell you how useless these pricks are when it comes down to people that need help:

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  1. I laughed so hard at ‘nigga with a cellphone’. I bet it’s an iphone and you’re typing this shit in a starbucks Edgelord Trayvon Briggs

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