Kotaku? More like “NO-taku” according to Ubisoft

2015 is a bad year to be a blogger if you make a habit out of being full of shit consistently.  Being exposed by everyone from Anne Rice getting caught out on the threats/harassment these people make towards themselves:

Ralph FakeAnneTweet

To Neuroscientists: neurosfaketweet

To scientific graphs being created that successfully illustrate how full of shit these people are in the narratives they’ve fabricated against groups and individuals, to their scams getting debunked with the CONS behind them exposed, it’s not a good year for team SJW.  People are frankly sick of the bullshit, they want data, not lies.  Things being as they are it comes as little surprise companies are choosing to separate from these people.  It was recently revealed Kotaku wasn’t invited to Ubisofts E3 event.  We’ve talked a bit about Kotaku in the past, gamers don’t like them, they have no influential power in the gaming market, and are just generally an annoyance run by Gawker I honestly think this is a good move more companies should follow suit behind.


We simply shouldn’t pretend to tolerate Kotaku any longer.  Even when they do games their proofreading is shittier than mine and I type this blog on a goddamned cell phone drunk when english isn’t my first language whats their excuse?!

supererrorskotaku-worst-at-what-it-does devolved

They’ve entirely fabricated headlines:

 liars2 liars1

and when they aren’t patently making shit up their entire publication is garbage and ads disguised as articles.

379px-Kotakuarticle1111 331px-Gamergate_batch19They can’t even decide on a stance, bashing Ubisoft for “Not including playable women” in last years Assasin’s Creed and this year bashing them for “having token women”.

everything about their publication, is, has been and always will be a joke the last 9 months of what GamerGate dragged out of them notwithstanding even.  So it’s good to see names in the industry take notice and say “no we don’t need you here, you hurt this business, you hurt brands, you hurt our consumers.  Fuck off and thanks for all the fish.

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