Keeping Up with The Kardashians plagiarized music from Hotline Miami

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Kim Kardashian so when I heard this story I was like say it aint so.  It breaks my heart to report this I actually fought over doing this battled because I know the kardashian family is better than this but reports are flying around the internet that the television show keeping up with the karashians used a song from the indie game Hotline Miami by Moon called Moons Over Montana.  Moon himself confirmed it is his song on tumblr used without his permission and he will not be able to sue due to the high costs.  I’ll let you listen to a clip of it really quick in the show.  And here’s the song itself.  I’ll include links so you can hear it for yourself as well as check out the artist who I hope is fine with me using this clip for demonstration purposes.

Now I don’t know if this was an oversight by the music director but this sort of thing is not ok.  It’s not a good look for the kardashian family or brand to have effectively stolen this mans work and the artist whose music was used should be compensated.  The Kardashians deserve better, their fans deserve better and moon deserves better.  So hopefully the producers of the show step up and address this matter.  Users have spoken of crowdfunding for Moon to sue if necessary, I hope it doesn’t come to that as someone who creates music and content like myself, for the Kardashians that create content themselves and you know Kanye who has to live off of what he makes from music who I’m a huge fan of I really hope the studio reaches out for a fair solution before this gets ugly and pitchforks are raised.  You liked the song enough to use it but ya know the best way to express appreciation at the end of the day is a check.

Check back to see how this story develops!

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