SCAMS Metro Detroit Models

Metro Detroit Models is a scam in Metro Detroit preying on young girls.  I don’t know entirely how to even describe this without showing you so we’ll start with anonymous testimonials:

 They are NOT REAL MODELS or PHOTOGRAPHERS! Clearly! Just take a look at some of the photos and compare them to Vogue. You will be horrified. It’s so embarrassing that when someone searches ‘Metro Detroit Models’ they find a group of creepy old men and misguided young women, neither of which have any idea of what fashion photography is.

Sorry if that sounds so harsh but it’s true. I hate seeing people waste their money and time with things that are just holding them back in the long run!

I responded to an add on craigslist for – metrodetroitmodels
website seemed ok until I started talking to the owner he was some sleazy older guy who claimed I would have to come in and do a sex tape with him for free before I was hired for anything else !!

Sorry I may be 18 but im not stupid

stay away from detroit metro models at all costs

Ok so I applied for a modeling job on Craigslist / Detroit a few months ago , And this weekend I met up with Kevin from metro detroit models.. it all got a bit sketchy when he took me to a hotel room for the “photo shoot” once I got there he informed me I was going to have to pay him $100 for the photo shoot and perform oral sex on him if I wanted more work , now this guy is dirty smells funny and is like 43 I ran out of the hotel as fast as I could , Im posting this to warn other young females about him. STAY AWAY!

You get the picture speaking of which I really don’t want to embarrass anybody by posting pictures of their work here.  It would be an insult to the art, and talent that even goes into pornography to call it that.  Amateur nudie trash that couldn’t land you a job at spearmint rhino nonetheless your dream job.

protip:  The purpose of any real talent agency is to get you paid work. Until you have proof that they get models work and personal confirmation from models that work with them, there is no reason to even want to be associated with them nonetheless pay them.

A real talent agency may want you to shoot with a photographer to get solid new pictures to market you better but it only makes sense to shoot with a great photographer. Real talent agencies will refer you to the leading photographers who can show you great model portfolio pictures, have substantial proof of published work, and who can show you many successful models using their photos to get work.

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