Google Ideas latest guests destroy the concept of Googleyness #Googleabuse

Google made a mistake today that goes against the principals I know the company for, chill out with me while I break it all down.

Alright so Google has something called googleyness, it’s a culture of a team, helping each other.  You should be rewarded for bringing other people up as much as your own successes.

Attributes like enjoying fun (who doesn’t), a certain dose of intellectual humility (it’s hard to learn if you can’t admit that you might be wrong), a strong measure of conscientiousness (we want owners, not employees), comfort with ambiguity (we don’t know how our business will evolve, and navigating Google internally requires dealing with a lot of ambiguity), and evidence that you’ve taken some courageous or interesting paths in your life.

Googleyness isn’t about what school you went to.  It’s about how you can show you know how to learn…how to learn.  That you can solve problems.

Google Ideas claims to build products for people under attack, to investigate corruption, to defend against hackers.  In their own words.

Every day, independent news, human rights, and election monitoring sites around the world are taken offline and silenced by attacks on their servers. Project Shield uses Google’s technology to protect websites at risk and keep them online.

A noble cause.  One that harkens back to the beginning of GamerGate in my opinion.  Where I saw an internet that would use centralized power to shut down discussions like the 25,000 comment thread on reddit being deleted, discussions being banned, sites like escapist DDOSed for talking about GamerGate, sites like the Fine Young Capitalists DDOSed for being on the wrong side of Quinn, people like Jaydefox, myself and many more under online attacks from Quinns supporters.  A media that would unashamedly peddle a one-sided narrative flying in the face of the overwhelming preponderance of evidence.

GamerGate might not sound like a big issue from the label but what happens the day it is?  What happens when a presidential candidate, or a corporation demands all threads & conversation shut down on an issue and people comply? When cyberattacks hit everyone talking or prominent in that conversation?  When forged threats are being sent to the FBI like several prominent GamerGaters like AlisonPrime and more have had?  When anyone still trying to figure out whats happening are labled as the “wrong” kind of people?  Obama does something illegal and you’re a racist for talking about it, or Hillary and you’re sexist, ect this makes the internet very manipulable.

Should we wait for that day to happen, seeing from the beginning of GamerGate it could happen on any issue?  Could of been happening all along?  That doesn’t frighten you a little bit?

I’d say anyone who has the least bit of Googleyness in them would of done what I did at the beginning and actually look into the people and complaints before buying into the media hype immediately.  It’s definitely a matter of ambiguity for both sides but the questions from GamerGate are sincere.  “Are games journalists being compensated for coverage?” “Is there a clique of independent developers working to promote themselves at the expense of others?”  “Are there critics racketeering to make a profit at the expense of gaming as an art form and community”  “are both of these groups a cult so tightly knit they’d excuse a  pedophile 

as long as they say the right things while participating in harassment, libel, and smearing campaigns against their detractors to the point new legal precedent is going to be set to defend the victims?

I’d say at this point arguing against GamerGate as investigating corruption in gaming is like people that argued against the existence of ghosts in Ghostbusters 2.  We’ve already seen the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man walking the streets of Manhattan.  Google basically just took the side of Walter Peck and Gozer.

I’ve kinda been the Winston in all of this, unfamiliar with online communities and the backgrounds but from what I’ve seen I’m not impressed.

There’s a LOT more awful deeds these people have done that I can account for than in this article but it’s a good start and the fact is Google ideas is hurting real victims when it peddles these people.

What these people signify is sociopathy and antagonistic behavior on the level of let’s say Weev is A-Ok & must be celebrated if you’re a white woman on the internet.  The rest of us are just expected to accept it.

They are the purest opposite the aspects of Googleyness I defined above, no concienciousness, enjoy villainizing people and creating sides to an issue against good people rather than working together for solutions.  They are out purely for their own personal gain.  In my engagements with Harper and Quinn they have outright done everything they could to make online harassment an issue with sides rather than victims they could be on the “right side” of while doing whatever they please to people and someone like myself would be on the “wrong side” of for criticizing their behaviors.  The phrase is “no bad tactics only bad targets” which I would hardly believe is what Google stands for.  These people are the very reason I left gaming, happily re-entering the less stressful world of Hip Hop.  Yeah you read that right.  But at least in rap people will say it/shoot it in your face, you can have a right of reply to false claims(for example myself being a white supremacist sockpuppet ~Quinn) without being labled a “harasser” or help a battle rap participant get back to his flight when the out of town crowd turns on him and he has to worry about a member shooting them in the parking lot.

Not sure I could say the same for any of those people Google had for that photo op.

They aren’t about solving problems, they are about creating them from ambiguity.  In the time they’ve been doing their little tour I wrote an entire book about how ANY organization could of ended something like GamerGate.  Written tons of tips on how to deal with online harassment and bullies.  Harper labled me, KFC, some rappers, athletes and more “the greatest harassers on the internet” and build a chinese firewall so you don’t have to hear black people and women that disagree with you about video games.

This article would be too long writing full exposes on everyone Google invited, maybe try Bing-ing them.  It was a very dark day for Googles brand, hopefully Google ideas can at some point in the future demonstrate it’s ideas are better than bringing on people South Park made fun of last week.

I already wrote a book on this, Beyond GamerGate, so please learn something from this and the fallout.

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