cyberviolence & why gaming needs to be declared a no fly zone


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cyberviolence why gaming needs to be declared a no fly zone
The UN Releases a Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship
Fresh off the scene from two epic embarrassments, the UN now wants to tell governments of the world how to censor the internet. I wish I was kidding.
There is presently a dangerous push to redefine insulting online speech to women only as “violence online”, which will mandate aggressive state censorship involving an internet government, licensing of websites, information control, scanning messages and more.
UN religionists already got there and co-opted protection of women online into defining #CyberViolence to include “blasphemy”.
UN report bans online “#blasphemy” defining it as “#CyberViolence” under the cover of protecting women
I talk about it in my last video in a sentence People are being called out on bullshit online, and the solution is to censor everything and license speech? Remarkable.
We should be cutting gaming out of society like a goddamned tumor for pushing this on us, and having it’s voices there promoting this horseshit. That’s where it came from Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, two people the gaming community, press and developers supported financially promoted in the press despite numerous wrongdoings and pushed and pushed all the way to the world stage. This is gamings contribution to the arts.
The problems that caused GamerGate became the worlds problems, became the problems for every true artist in the world. I said real artists because I would strip the title of artist from anyone in gaming, they’ve demonstrated nothing that earns it. Their silence through their own fans, users and even some developers being attacked baselessly, constantly is the same as consent.
If the UN, Anita Sarkeesian, and Zoe Quinn had their way Iggy Azalea could declare herself the greatest rapper and you’d get arrested for calling BS. don’t dare take that as a diss against female rappers Lauren Hill has more talent rolling out of bed than I got on my best day, I’ve done more to promote and engage with different acts my entire career from big friedia The Queen Diva, sissy nobby, I don’t care if you’re black white, gay straight male or female young or old I care about your skills and if you come with that weak shit I’ll let you know. They call that meritocracy and say that’s wrong too though in the social justice community.

Most eminem diss records would be scrubbed from the internet as we saw with the Sway in the morning freestyle where he made a bruce jenner punchline.
Sites like Worldstar, hoodleaks, complex and anyone who doesn’t suit these womens agenda could be wiped from the internet.
Have fun treating Sarah Palin like a queen, once it’s a law that women are sacred and not allowed to be criticized.
Have fun dealing with the religious nuts when blasphemy is a punishable offense.
The report also has a strange preoccupation with pornography, which it accuses of causing “aggressive behavioural tendencies” as well as “increased interest in coercing their partners into unwanted sex acts.” Their citation is a link to “Stop Porn Culture,” a campaign group chaired by the militantly sex-negative and widely criticised feminist Gail Dines.”
Some gamers did fight knowing this sort of thing is what these people stood for but most of gaming either ignored, circled their wagons around and championed these people until all of our liberty was at stake and that should never be forgotten. In my opinion gaming at least from American developers should be entirely boycotted, it’s time people consider that if they value arts and communication.
There was an entire document attacking video games from the UN itself and the sources that weren’t bullshit or previously debunked came from video games press themselves like Polygon.
Speaking of the gaming press and the tech press Milo from Breitbart was the only one that did the legwork again seeing the sources for their paper was rubbish. TIME, The Mary Sue, and the influential legal blogger Ken White, also known as Popehat, also published articles about it. None of them except Milo caught one of their sources for gaming info is an article from 2000 that accuses Nintendo of “manufacturing equipment for satanic video games calls pokemon a killing game for toddlers and that violent video games turn children into killing zombies.
Nobody read the report or verified their citations by the time they went to press and gave it glowing endorsements . A report about why saying Anita Sarkeesian sucks or is a liar or Zoe Quinn is pathetic means we should end free speech online.
Being able to make a choice is what’s at stake here.
The choice to watch a video like this one, the choice to watch or star in pornography, the choice to hear about or watch a movie, TV show, comedian, its not a huge leap to see where they would go with this thing, first you need a license to run a website from an internet government and your telecom, then you’d need a license to be on the website they can revoke if you disprove their narrative. Maybe game developers need a license to ensure you don’t offend the wrong people, then all entertainers.
It’s time not for gamergate or not even just gamers everyone that values free speech and expression to declare gaming a no fly zone for what they’ve done, we don’t do business with them we don’t protect them we don’t associate with people who would violate our core principals and values.
I put my ass on the line for a year as a guest in game development and game culture to stop the book burners, to demonstrate the doing it for the women and minorities narrative was rubbished, I had my name run through the dirt, family and job harassed to the point I was fired, people stalk me to tell venues and people I perform with what I say about this dumb bullshit like they care, by friends and associates of the very same people pushing this crap. I’ve done more for gaming that someone that would claim to be important thanklessly and quietly and now they made their problem into my problem and everybody’s problem.
the time is now to choose, are you with the authoritarians, the statists or are you on the side of liberty. Gamings not my friend and I don’t owe it anything and neither do you people.
My name is Jason Miller and I am a survivor of cyberviolence. Likely you are too. If not fuck you you’re a dickhead, now we can all relate. It’s not a big deal some people are making it a big deal.
Some claim cyberviolence gives them real life PTSD, well
@femfreq and zoe quinn admits in front of the UN that her definition of “harassment” includes pointing out lies and expressing a low opinion on her work.
Is there a person on the internet that hasn’t at least had someone let them know they have a low opinion of their work?
Maybe Quinn would at least see less of it if she stopped playing on the damn phone at UN meetings, that videos on the channel if you wan’t to here it from the horses mouth. I said horse by the way not a gendered slur they both look like horses. like donkeys, also known as jackasses. The guy talking about politicizing veganism had better points and execution honestly.
hell according to comments I regularly get my videos aren’t timely enough, not on the right topics, I can’t speak english, my accent is weird, my writing is illegible, my game sucks, according to quinn herself I plagiaraze the walking dead, I’m sexist, stupid, try to hard to be hardcore for talking honestly about my experiences, I’m out to scam people, I only care about money, everything I’ve ever said was a lie, I didn’t do the things I’m most known for according to Ashley Burch, I get a variety of motives attached to things I do only I will ever know the reasons why I did them.
fuck those people. I’m still going to be here whether they like it or not, that’s what comes with being a performer, being an artist, being a critic, being vocal which we all are in some sense on the internet. If you need a hugbox stick with your friends on a protected facebook, I keep a private one just for when I need to chill from instagram model drama and twitter SJW wars.
I know this will bring back the hardcore complaint but fuck it, someone might stick a gun in my face or threaten to jump me in the parking lot after a show if I don’t shout their friends out or play their mixtape
fuck em. Don’t give them the time of day and keep it moving there was a time if you googled my name all sorts of awful shit came up, so I made a site and made it all about those awful people. Every person that’s pointed at me has three pointed back at them.
We have a key cultural difference what you guys would call harassment, I would call getting roasted for being a stupid motherfucker. and what you would call being critical of me I would call I better not catch your ass in the street for talking all that fake shit bitch I’ll beat the bricks off ya.
Feminists have lost the debate. That’s why they are pushing for Chinese-style Internet censorship. To silence their critics.
on a closing note.
If this gets any legs I demand the UN recognize black twitter as a separate and independent website from white twitter & real nigga hours be a national holiday. Because this hoe ass bullshit is offensive to me. But seriously you need to get on your grind letting everyone know whats going on and whose responsible for this, as far as I can see Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian just declared war on the internet, rappers, singers, entertainers, business folk, marketers, artists. Gaming can either declare a no-fly-zone for them or the rest of us will be happy to declare gaming one. Stay tuned for what happens this week on my twitter there’s gonna be fireworks once the big dogs catch this peace out!

So I stopped buying games months ago.  Metal Gear Solid is the last video game ever made and it should be yours too.   There’s no future. The world would be a better place if everyone simply stopped buying video games, focused on their backlogs and stuck with the classics.

There’s two studios I’ll give exception to.  Platinum Games and Nintendo, they still make video games, nobody else does, they waste CO2 and peoples time to make garbage.

Video Games are no longer about being fun, or being art, video games exist purely as a way to exploit you.  To exploit your time, to exploit your attention, to exploit you financially.  Actually they always existed as a way to exploit you but at least before that had something to do with putting out the best product.   In the new market video games from conception, production, manufacture, to the press, review practices and even the marketing is anti-consumer.   Why would you buy something that’s anti-you?  Might as well take up smoking it’s cheaper and you’ll at least look cooler.

Downloadable content ensures it’s not about making the best product or the grandest scale but just addictive enough to nickel and dime you.  Review embargoes and ridiculous pre-ordering packages ensure that customers will buy a lackluster title before knowing the facts.  Corruption in the gaming media ensure that even when the embargo is over you will never know if the journalist has been paid or compensated for positive coverage.

Overall video games are so aggressively anti consumer and now potentially dangerous to the world at large any logical person would not even pay attention to them from this point.

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