Razer CEO covering up cheap/poor design of Razer notebooks

Previously on this site I’ve mentioned Razer in my laptop roundup and suggestions, though I’ve never owned Razer’s machines I’ve appreciated using friends and they seemed like a worthy machine to any gamer or producer.  I specifically was eyeing their Blade pro to replace my 17 inch system this year.  I also said I wouldn’t recommend Alienware after my last experience with one of their products but it seems they are facing the same QC issues.

Basically their motherboards seem to randomly fail…  Here is a well known laptop repairman talking about it and looking into it:

the video talks about two things:

  1. The Kepler generation Blade 14 (I believe it’s a 870M GPU) – has a defect where the vBIOS chip is placed on the back of the GPU area, and that chip can only survive 75c before frying out. Due to the thin design and the chip not being cooled it is very easy for that chip to die and make the unit inoperable.
  2. Newer Blades with Maxwell + Haswell / Skylake has issue where a VRM / mosfet bank would give up since the components used are low quality and cannot sustain high temperatures. These would eventually give up and need to be replaced by an astronomical cost of $700 out of warranty from Razer.

Other issues the laptop face include:

  1. The GTX1080 in the RBP 2016 capped at such a low TDP.   This contradicts the CEO’s claim of having full desktop performance in a laptop form factory  as a reference a GTX1080 Founders Edition will do 180-200w of power consumption.
  2.  The RBP 2016 has an overheating issue on the 2nd NVME drive when running in RAID mode. Causing BSOD.Obviously neither of these are acceptable problems in a $3600 travel PC for me and they shouldn’t be for you.  The CEO has been dodging the question from users as well as banning them from forums and the razer subreddit.

Also, do point out that this is the same CEO who ridiculed a user of this very forum for attempting to repaste to fix bad temperatures on an older Blade model, claiming they used special paste that’s better than all of the competition, when all it was is that standard paste doesn’t work well on the “solution” they use (bare heatpipes touching dies). So not only are they dirty enough to knowingly sell broken-by-design products at exorbitant prices, but they’re also the kind who attack users for fun if they don’t play exactly by their book (also breaking warranty of the whole notebook for the user who repasted… just because he repasted).


Terrible heatsink design made worse with pitiful excuse.

For the time being until there is a response from the company and improvement I will not recommend Razers products without heavy research and due dilligence on the buyer and will be updating previous articles with this new information.

Which is sad because while Razer offers FL Studio free, I feel any musician with a machine for travel should have a stable machine with excellent QC and customer support backing it.  I’ve pulled my endorsement from Alienware because of how far their customer support fell and I will pull it from Razer for the same reason.(and to be fair from newer customers it sounds like they’ve fixed the issues I saw last year and even handled mine..even if it was hellish)

I will try my best to update as they do.

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