Why Nvidia Should Make A Chromebook

I’m not sure if Nvidia has gotten too big for us little PC Gamers what with their Nintendo deal and all that but if I may I have an amazing suggestion for a device:

A Tegra Shield Chromebook

It might seem like we’ve come full circle asking Nvidia to make a device with a laptop form factor when there are already gaming laptops available but bear with me as we go through the history of Shield devices and at least my history with them.

The Nvidia Shield[portable]

A great device with Tegra 4, game streaming and a beta of Geforce Now at the time called “GRID”.  But with desktop games the form factor really hurt the 4 inch screen.  Seriously try playing battlefield, or Bioshock infinite without it seeming like more than a parlor trick.

Tegra tablet k1

Another great device, a tablet that’s worth it’s $200 price tag years after release but we have the problem of needing a controller to play games hurting it’s portability, making using it as a games device more awkward as well as the fact that 7 inches isn’t much of a jump from 4 when it comes to real estate in playing full PC and console titles.  Especially when sat down further away than you would hold a portable.

PC and console games like the ones on Geforce now are designed for big screens which brings us to

Shield TV

which is great we’ve finally addressed the problem where streaming games to small screens is less enjoyable than even native android games built for those form factors  BUT plugged in entertainment is pretty much just a roundabout from where we came from.

Why not have a device for people that truly love PC gaming, love portable gaming at a reasonable price, in a solid form factor for all gamers?

That’ s where our Shield Chromebook comes in:

10-13 inches meaning you can play a modern AAA title 1080p without squinting

Affordable $400 at most making it a solid buy and nice upgrade for anyone looking to buy a Chromebook for college/work.

With Geforce Now they can play every game on the network 1080p/60hz which at that price point doesn’t usually happen.  A lot of budget concious gamers would GLADLY build their own gaming PC, have an affordable Chromebook AND be able to stream any game they want to it for $8 a month(along with their own for free) when they are mobile rather than buy a bulky, much more expensive gaming laptop..It would be a way for Nvidia to get in on the market that usually is gaming on integrated graphics.

It could support Chrome OS and android apps(which chrome is soon implementing) like everything Nvidia has already built for android. As well as the games, finally someone could play HL2 the way it’s meant to be played on a Tegra device. Ideally it’s form factor should be a convertible allowing use in both laptop and tablet mode.

I’ve already seen game streaming work on Chrome OS. I’m just asking Nvidia to make it official and less hacky.

That way when I am writing my next guide to getting a gaming laptop, or guide to Chromebooks I could namedrop the Nvidia one for gamers.

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