Why you should consider a Chromebook

Previously we’ve talked about Windows, Mac systems but today I’d like to talk about Chromebook, why you should consider one and what to consider before you buy one.

If you can live life in a Browser

Chrome OS is basically a browser that runs everything…like you’re using right now.  You might even be using Chrome, well imagine that’s your entire computer.  You’d be surprised at how much you can get done using entirely web and browser based apps.   Users reading only might be well aware of Google Docs, sheets, slides, calendar but you’d be surprised at the number of web apps there are nowadays for everything from touching up photos to even video editing and even  virtual turntables ,  that combines the music on your hard drive with music on SoundCloud, and lets you mix on a simple, two-deck, online interface seamlessly with the lot.

If you just open your computer to go to the browser, do  office tasks Chrome OS might be a great way to save a lot of money!  Even more intensive tasks have a Chrome OS solution.   This helps security in a big way as nothing is ran on the device except the browser, and extentions you recieve from Chrome.  This means no viruses. Also the system doesn’t slow down over time due to programs. Of course the trade off is no traditionally installed programs neither.

Still I was surprised to see there was such an inexpensive way to get online and do most of what I do simply from a browser.  For most light to regular use work and cases the Chromebook has the app and power to get you through it.(obviously if you’re working at Pixar you don’t want Toy Story 4 to be waiting in a queue with a bunch of other animators though there are good starts for aspiring modellers PLUS you CAN run CAD remotely from your desktop to the chromebook.)   Before I would have said gaming sucks and some of the apps you might be unfamiliar with but now.

 It runs android apps

Google recently announced Android apps would run on certain chromebooks like the Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible   so all the apps you are familiar with and use on android you can also use on your laptop.  This of course includes games and some really cool ones like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The World Ends With You and Jet Set Radio.  More laptops with  this capability will be coming in the future but they just made the Chromebooks featureset and entertainment cababilities that much broader.

Keeping everything in the cloud

Now I still keep on site backups of my music, files, ect and with an external drive you’ll have that option with Chrome OS but Google offers free services like Google Play Music that stores up to 20,000 songs, google drive that stores everything in the cloud including your documents, Google Photos which stores unlimited photos.  These are services you can test and play with now and if you think they are good enough for mobile use you can use them on your Chromebook.

Remember as I always say you SHOULD have a desktop for your work as a producer, editor, whatever you do THEN a laptop for portability.  This is just an option to keep the price down. With everything Synced through your gmail account your life from music playlists, your calendars, web bookmarks every Google and android app basically is kept tidy in one place.

If you get a new Chromebook, everything from the old Chromebook is already there as soon as you sign in.

So should you get a Chromebook for a portable device…probably, unless your job you’re doing portably explicitly requires a windows and/or IOS device or you have the luxury of wanting more than a Chromebook can do like wanting a gaming PC or true portable workstation.  Otherwise get a Chromebook. Or get one as a gift for someone.

In 2017 You can pretty much ignore the entire premise of buying a Windows or Mac if you don’t need to use Traktor, Maya, 3dsmax, AUTOCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4d, Ableton, or play intensive PC games outside of your home.  I’m sure there’s some specialist aircraft controller software I forgot that some smartass is going to say “oh I guess I’ll just use Chrome to guide planes in”  but you get my point.

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