The worst article on 4k gaming I’ve ever read

Right so I have to bring up this idiotic article from Games Radar because if there’s anything I hate it’s supposed “game journalists” giving users bad information and fake news.  To sum it up:

As someone who [is an idiotic waster of money who can neither understand native 4k rendering, nor bother to educate myself], Sony’s entry price for [upscaled low resolution gaming at abysmal frame rates with forced input devices and horribly limited title selection] is a damn [disgrace].


“This article originally appeared in Official PlayStation Magazine.”

Oh. Everything makes sense now.

I wonder if he was paid by a certain company to make this article.

The fact that their marketing can’t even attempt to tell you it’s better than real 4k or exactly as good, that’s all you need to know. If the best the marketing department can do is tell you it’s “almost as good”, then you know it’s not even close lol.


Dave Meikleham

Paid maker of words,(from his own description)  are why nobody likes video game journalists. You are what our British friends would call a “git”.   Every video game journalist wants to be a PR rep one minute then bitch about why nobody takes them and their lame under-educated, political tracts seriously the next.

People like this are why it’s hard to get into video games marketing because he with all due respect is a whore.  Someone paid him to say these words and he said them with no concern for reality, facts, truth and conveying that to his readers.

To build a rig that can comfortably handle the likes of Rise Of The Tomb Raider at 2160p, you’re looking at a machine that would likely need 16GB of RAM, a £400 graphics card and a £300 CPU. Throw in a decent motherboard and 4K monitor, and that’s basically a £1500 outlay.

No you don’t you fucking git, you need a PC about the same price as a PS4(as of february 2017) that will have LESS drawbacks(and if you’re reading this in the future you can get a better system for the price of a PS4 as it always is with consoles).   Also how the hell does a 4k monitor count with the price of the PC and not the PS4 unless I missed the deal where they were giving out fucking Bravia oled hdr monitors on black friday? Is a PS4 pro now $5000 because of the reciever and television I use?

I mean I guess PS4 is an expensive system too considering you need a OLED HDR TV, 7.2 surround sound speakers and  subs to run it…Don’t forget a house, and a car to deliver all of those things,  plus college loans to get a job to afford all of it,a PS Vita and those memory cards a PS4’s real cost is about half a million dollars.


Rise of the Tomb Raider is capped at 4K 30FPS on the PS4 Pro, and Crystal Dynamics/Nixxes use the Checkerboard Rendering technique to upscale the original PS4 game’s visuals to 4K. As the PS4 matches the Xbox One’s “High” texture quality preset for base PS4 games (which are usually capped at 30FPS or utilize dynamic resolution scaling to balance resolution and FPS dips for increased performance), the PS4 Pro’s 4K upscaled fidelity will have specific features like ambient lighting, field of view, shadows and reflections dialed back.

the PS4 Pro can’t compare to PC when it comes to 4K gaming. One platform uses upscaled gaming, and the other can leverage higher-end, dedicated GPU hardware for native 4K gaming.

Now let’s have an adult talk about 4k on the ps4 pro(I know I’m linking to digital foundry a lot but I’m hoping it rubs off and he could see what real journalism looks like):


Watched it, got it, good, the PS4 is using upscaling.  Upscaled 4k is actually a resolution around 1440p but blown up to make it look like 4k without adding any extra resolution. Native 4k is real 4k without any tricks which is what PC’s use.  The upscaling on PS4 is good but it is not without fault:

See the details in the ponytail and the glowstick..nitpicky I know but this is just one example.   Any time you upscale something it will be significantly worse than a native render. One literally has a pixel for each physical pixel on the screen, the other uses math to fake it and smooths out the difference. Until someone creates some near magic level tech, starting with less information than the native display is always going to reduce image fidelity no matter what method of up-scaling you use ( or how much Sony super promises otherwise ).

Also remember the PS4 is usually using medium to low settings, even in games like Street Fighter V.

These aren’t improved on the PS4 pro.  This is also a game with  resolution scaling..the difference being you can buy a new graphics card to run it better at higher res(this is even becoming true on laptops now with the Razer Core and Alienware graphics amplifier) vs buying an entirely new PS4.  A lot of games have resolution scaling now, just about every AAA I’ve seen this year.

Also note: Multiplayer games will not run at higher FPS on PS4 Pro to not give an advantage to Pro players

Still running games on medium settings at 4k is something you could accomplish on the GTX 760

which goes for $18-$99 bucks.  I wouldn’t buy it I’m just wondering where this writer has been for THREE YEARS.(The ps4 pro is still running at 1080p as of their latest patch btw just higher framerates)

You’re entirely at the mercy of the dev and what settings comprimises or concessions they decide FOR you while you could get a GTX 1060 or rx 480 today  for $200 with whatever PC you are running and run these games better than PS4 pro.

And you’ll literally have sacrificed nothing.  For the record I’m not a fanboy of anything, I own a PS4, a desktop with 2 1080’s, another desktop with FOUR 290x’s for 4k, a PS3, PS2, PS1, Neo Geo, PS Vita, DS, Wii U, Nvidia Shield, Ipad, even have an arcade cabinet ran by a raspberry pi.

That’s not what’s important here, what’s important is sharing accurate information.

What you did when you wrote that article, whether through ignorance, lack of due dilligence and research while proclaiming yourself an expert was tell a bare faced lie.

There’s plenty of reasons to buy a PS4, exclusives, form factor, simplicity, but 4k and “Best Image Quality” aren’t on that list.  Especially at 4k.

This isn’t much better than the fake 4k we’ve seen in TV’s and laptop displays recently.  It might look “Good Enough” but it’s not the real thing.   If you like buying into fake shit let me introduce you to my friend  Farrad he has all the best jewlery at the best prices, he gets a deal from Jacob the Jeweller gets his pieces at 1% of the price.

It’s great they got the goddamned netbook chips out of gaming consoles but they are still outclassed when a build like this is going to run games at native 4k  at a better performance than PS4’s upscaling.(and you can have microcenter build it with a warranty for like $99) unlike the PS4 when it gets dated in a couple of years you aren’t stuck having to buy an entirely new one just for a graphical update.

But we’re getting to the point literal netbooks are becoming part of the 4k discussion.  Yes is you want 4k with every slider maxed out you might be looking at dual 1080s or a Titan but that isn’t what PS4 is offering . If you’re willing to settle enough for a PS4 there’s a ton of ways you can run 4k at that price point.

The PS4 pro is impressive for what it does but don’t blow smoke up our asses.  This is the exact same conversation we would have had when the PS3 came out and someone got 2 8800 GTX’s for 1080p.  Yes the PS3 ran upscaling but if those games were so great why is half of this gen “remastered” with the actual settings they were meant to run at?!   Really our chart above should have included the price of buying every game twice too and I’m sure PS5 we’ll see more of this or you could just play the game it’s meant to be played today!

If someone wants the BEST Image quality in 4k that’s not something any console can deliver at this time.  I hope I’ve proveded enough youtube videos so this “Paid writer of words” can either see how his job should be done, or understand why his position is becoming as irrelvant faster than the PS4 GPU.

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