A jew weighs in on the recent Pewdiepie controversy

note: this was originally posted on medium but according to my followers it  was removed for not following medium rules.  So here it is in it’s entirety

Dick riding the recent trend of click farming the hot keyword “Pewdiepie” I decided to write an article on his controversial “death to all jews video


and the media outrage it inspired:

I contacted Jewish community expert Abraham Schults to ask how he feels about the video.

Here are his shocking words:

“It seems like a joke to me. A stupid one since it cost him but the dude’s clearly not a nazi or anything. I don’t see what everyone is going crazy over. The media is clearly insane.”

would you let your children watch Pewdiepie:

“hell yeah if they were old enough, seems no worse than family guy or half of adult swim.”

and how do you feel about his recent apology:

“I mean I guess I appreciate it, but it’s unnecessary, we have a sense of humoryou know even if these people don’t.

Thank you Abraham.

[editors note: it turns out Abraham isn’t a “community expert he was just the only guy I knew that wears a tiny hat. He also gets great weed contact me for a hookup.]

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