Dumbest Things said by Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu is the village idiot of the tech and gaming world.  Frequently saying things with full bravado that can even make seasoned trolls say:  “Wait a minute, that doesn’t work that way.  Is she serious?  Ok I’m not taking part in this I have standards”

For those that don’t know Wu was discovered during GamerGate a thinly veiled attempt by video game media to promote female video game developers with a narrative that is now completely debunked and resulted in the popularity of Milo Yiannopolus and maybe the Donald Trump presidency.

and she’s running for congress!  Because when your entire career is based on nepotism, milking a false victimhood as the most oppressed woman on the planet while in fact you were given a small gift of $200k for a startup from your parents and didn’t even graduate with the qualifications you claimed you had what better place for you than the democratic party!  (I can make that joke I used to be a democrat….get used to that phrase used to be because Trump’s got an easy eight years in light of this bullshit)

So now the entire world can see her idiocy for themselves.  But I thought let’s do a greatest hits and run back the dumbest things said by Brianna Wu!

  1. Threw shade at a produce importer believing they were a video game studio.

Wu had recently ripped on Dice Europe for the lack of female lineups at a development conference.

What she didn’t expect was that Dice Europe was in fact a fresh produce importer and not a game development company.

The responses after that were hilarious.

2. Posted threats and insults to herself from her own account

she forgot to log out of her account (spacekatgal) before making a hate thread about herself. She soon deleted it once she noticed, but the damage was done and everyone saw.

3.  Claimed Samus Aran was trans

Samus Aran is a fictional character that fights fictional aliens in the series Metroid by Nintendo.  Brianna Wu misinterpreted a joke that Metroid appearing on Sega’s console the Genesis would be as likely as Samus being a newhalf(japanese slang for shemale) as an admission the character is trans and wrote an article for the Mary Sue  on it

The Mary Sue’s motto: “we don’t care if it’s accurate a woman wrote it”.

She went further to say this denial of something flagrantly false and never depicted by Nintendo in any of it’s games, comics or materials demonstrated something insidious

Then tried to edit the wikipedia page on Samus listing herself as a source

and here is a bonus so you can understand the mindset of someone that follows(and would vote for) Brianna Wu

4. Publicly endorses conflicts of interest

You have to read the whole thing but Wu  seems to think the best answer to conflicts of interest (or the appearance of one) is to keep the information a complete secret instead of making it publicly known. For some reason this is good for getting the trust of the people?

Which is great when someone has a history of nepotism  (go ahead and read the critic/her friends reviews vs user reviews for Revolution 60!) and their running their political campaign on nepotism

Wu said although Massachusetts enjoys a stellar education system, many startups and technology companies end up moving out of state — a practice she’d like to help end.
“We invest enough in our school systems and higher education at great costs to theMassachusetts taxpayers, but then people take that to other states,” she said. “I think we can do a lot more to keep the tech industry here in Boston.”
Basically unless you’re one of Wu’s friends you’re not going to get anything out of Wu…
except thinly veiled “fuck the poor” statements
For context here is the post she is supporting:
Right on our way to  the dumbest thing Brianna Wu has said we’re going to have a speed round!

When discussing anything that Brianna Wu considers harassment, it is critical to note that what Brianna herself considers harassment is not what most rational people would consider harassment. The following are things Brianna Wu considers harassment:

Now the dumbest thing Brianna Wu has said!

I’m still flabbergasted not only by the post itself but the fact that she posted “proof” she was entirely wrong wtihout realizing it.

This is just a startling lack in reading comprehension, a lack of understanding in science, accusing Elon Musk and his friends of effectively being  Austin Powers villains this is possibly the dumbest series of words I’ve ever read in my entire life.

She out Trumped Trump!  So please elect this woman as your local congressman.  I’m only writing this because it’s a slow news day (I’m sorry, Ryzen hasn’t worked out, the Switch has been out for awhile but at least I’m not writing about sticking it up my ass like Vice this is almost kind of news at least not really though everyone already knows Wu is an idiot but we’re not eating nintendo catridges and doing this:

and someone like Brianna can produce bullshit on the industrial level we need to keep news sites going!     Horay for clickbait politics! Here’s to “women in tech”!  Don’t know where myself, Milo Yiannopolus, Breitbart, the Ralph Retort, Donald Trump, Mundane Matt would be without you!  Stay tuned for our next article where I review the MSI Titan is 2 1080s in a laptop too much power?!  Oh yeah and buy or listen to something in the sidebar.

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