Tech of Tomorrow says AMD has an “advocate program” for people to go around and put down Intel/NVIDIA

So this is an interesting video, Tech of Tomorrow made a video addressing the rumors that were going around regarding Intel contacting the press to shit on AMD for Ryzen reviews.

At 1:40 he says that AMD has an “advocate program” for people to go around and put down Intel/NVIDIA while making AMD looks good… basically paid shills.

At 6:50 he also says that “the people at AMD” generates rumors on how Intel/NVIDIA contact the press to put down their product.

These are some bold statements, Tech of Tomorrow is pretty big and known in the hardware review industry, so he must know a lot of behind the scenes and insider information so I don’t think he would lie about something like this, or try to cause drama… he just seems fed up and is trying to expose the truth for us consumers.

I hope AMD releases a statement on this.

Another interesting bit – at 5:21 he also admits that for a content creator/reviewer, if you want to keep getting free stuff you have to give them good reviews.

worth looking at:

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AMD isn’t really the only company doing this, and its not a new thing at all

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