I don’t care who fucked up Mass Effect Andromeda

Well we’re sitting on the eve of the worst video game of all time Mass Effect Andromeda and as the creators of big rigs racing and Custer’s revenge finally prepare for vindication in being able to say “well we didn’t make that at least” we’re already seeing video game journalists Stan for Mass Effect by saying nobody likes it because a woman worked on it…

Ya know just like how EA won worst company on earth for two years because of “homophobia” and not shitty business practices.  (like queers want to be associated with EA’s fuckups that’s all they need the poor homos)

Gamers criticizing our product! >Quick, label the vocal critics and accuse them of harassment! The gaming industry is a one trick pony.

Nowadays only the people stupid enough to believe that remain as Mass Effect’s customer base as the entire world collectively took a shit on their trailers and prerelease materials:

Let’s square up one thing, I didn’t like Mass Effect 3 and I was never going to like Mass Effect Andromeda.  There’s a lot of reasons for that besides the ending, getting nickled and dimed, the game killing a goddamned hard drive, the list is long enough I’m done with the franchise and happy to see it buried.  The only way I’d like a Mass Effect game from now on is if they shit canned Bioware, hired Platinum or Yokotaro to make it.  And maybe called it Nier.  Which is a game and franchise you should check out.   I’d also buy it if it was called “Mass Effect: Bayonetta 3”.

I don’t care if it was a woman who made it, or a man, I wouldn’t like it in a box I wouldn’t like it with a fox, I don’t want your mass effect, fucking wankers get recked.

this was a collaborative fuckup from QA  who is supposed to report this shit, to programmers to everyone involved making such questionable hires and decisions like having the intro credit crawl read “you niggas should have played persona instead” or the entire soundtrack be Smash Mouth’s “All Star” with fart noises from a soundboard.

The issue now is getting that shit fixed ASAP for actual customers, not who was the person doing the animation, or any nonsense about GamerGate. That has nothing to do with this.  The people that decided they won’t fuck with you made that decision in March 2012…a day that will live in infamy.  You pretty much have to make a playable Gurren Lagann to get that trust back.

But that will never happen because it’s Bioware and EA.  They make shovelware.  Might as well say goodbye to Mass Effect now like Sim City,  NBA Live, Need For Speed,  UFC, Ultima,  Dead Space, Def Jam, I mean if you’ve been a gamer at any point you can remember a time EA released a promising title and absolutely ruined it and the studio in the sequel.

Don’t make Mass Effect Andromeda what Def Jam Icon was for me…Try final fantasy or Nier just ignore mass effect and laugh at all the bullshit that comes out from idiots that actually pay for it.  or crack whatever nightmare DRM  it has day one  and waste their lives with this.

Saying you suck to the person that did this now is not going to get anywhere at this point.  This is a collaborative effort to suck, not on any one person’s shoulders.  I’m surprised they didn’t hire kindergarteners to draw the thing in crayon.  Whatever they did I’m not taking personal responisbility for how dickheads react to the poor quality of this product.  At least we’re on the same page in admitting this is a product of low quality.  So we agree on something.

That’s all the free space and mindshare I’m willing to give to Mass Effect.  I play good games, some people don’t.  If you like to play terrible games to get brownie points or reward somebody for putting a ugly woman, a cuckold, slant, fatso, dyke, or darkie in it you do you boo.  I think all you white people are terrible and should quit gaming and let the japs take over to be honest.  You’re just not on their level. I don’t care who fucked Mass Effect up besides it was a honky gaijin fuckhead as usual and that doesn’t make the the usual “mysoginist” poor excuse shitty devs and journos like to use work any better than it did before.

Nier Automata is available on Steam and it is amazing.

We recently ran the game on the Razer Core and here’s the footage for those of you who haven’t seen the game check out  my post on running the game for more info for PC players

My alienware 13 is too tiny to record a bunch of footage to. But even a u series processor and 965m  can hit 1080p integrated iris pro graphics are hitting about 720×480 so there’s really no reason everyone shouldn’t be picking this game up! (especially surface book owners)

Nier Automata is a game everybody loves by one of the few auteurs in gaming Yokotaro.  With a brilliant plot, great animation and cutscenes as well as excellent groundbreaking gameplay Nier Automata is easily game of the year!


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