Mass Effect Andromeda review

This review is going to be quick because I can’t wait to get back to playing Nier Automata.  Easily Game Of The Year Platinum Games, Yokotaro and Square Enix  teamed up to make a modern masterpiece of an action RPG the first game to really step up and fuse ideas from shooters, action games, exploration and start a conversation about our bloodlust vs empathy with a masterfully gripping plot with 24 different endings. Like I said I still can’t put it down even double dipping to buy it on PS4 and Steam(where it became available last weekend) for it’s  stellar soundtrack from Keiichi Okabe, beautiful world aesthetic and character designs full of small details that’ll put a smile on your face. Automata truly feels like a passion project for the whole development team that’s devil may cry meets shadow of the colossus meets Skyrim..

I don’t even know where to begin on explaining why it’s good. Is it the mechanics? The story? The gorgeous combat animations? The upgrade system? The weapon variety? The most comfortably paced open world I’ve ever explored? The nihilism? The existentialism? The transhumanism? Well defined characters with deeply crafted personalities and motivations? The fact that those characters grow and change over the course of the game? A plot which never quite gives you the full picture all at once, wrapped up in a satisfying and tasteful conclusion?(unlike some other franchises I could name but won’t even though I’m technically supposed to be right now according to the title but would rather talk about good games)

This isn’t even touching on what happens in the second playthrough… This game tops pretty much every chart ever made for games.

If you don’t own it go out and buy a copy of it, if you don’t have money rob someone and buy this game.  Yes it’s that serious & speaking of serious I might as well take this time to make a statement to someone in my life that will be reading this:

Some niggas really think I’m playin…I better see some motherfucking hours on Nier or I’ma pull this thang out and somebody is gonna get it. This is not a joke this is a warning and an ultimatum.

Nier Automata is video game of the year and if niggas sleep on it I’m not going to feel ANYTHING putting some iron in some motherfuckers diets.  Play it or somebody dies.

YES IT’S THAT SERIOUS! I’M SO MOTHERFUCKING SINCERE RIGHT NOW! I will deadass go to prison over this shit and be GOOD because I got that shit running on my laptop.

So pick it up and play it it’s lit, I swear on my own mothers and grandmothers graves you can print this statement on my tombstone.

back to our viewers yes the game is so excellent I’m comfortable writing a death threat to a friend I gifted the game to on the internet and am willing to accept the consequences of whatever happens because I can run Nier on my alienware 13 from my bunk in prison so I’m not even afraid to go to jail.

Alright on to our Mass Effect Automata review proper:

In Mass Effect you play…you know what fuck this here’s the open critic results of Mass Effect. I’m sorry ya’ll I didn’t even really care Nier Automata is just that lit and I was fucking bored with the opening unlike Nier Automata that stays hype from beginning to end I was just miserable with Mass Effect it’s basically Smash Mouth’s All Star with fart noises.

so I deleted it and refunded it.  You probably will too but here’s what other reviewers had to say:

why would you play something like this when you could be playing:

a 10 out of 10 game?  So I’m gonna give Mass Effect a get-the-fuck-out-of-my-face out of 10  and get back to Nier thanks for the clicks buy something on the way out or check out my mixtape on the side.  For all you Nier fans definitely stay tuned for my remix of song of the ancients it’s gonna be lit!  Is that 700 words just a little further to go and I can play some nier  there we go boom!

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