How to get the most out of the Mass Effect Andromeda character creator!

People have complained about the Mass Effect Character creator for…sucking so I thought I’d write a guide to help you all out!

Step one:  Start up Mass Effect and load it up until you reach the character creator.  Look and laugh at the horrible default options but don’t select anything.

Step two: Exit the Mass Effect Character creator.  In fact exit Mass Effect for that matter!

Step 3:  Open up Steam.  If you don’t already have Steam it’s an online store just like Origin but better.  Download it and once it’s open and you’re logged in search for a program called “Nier Automata”

Step 4: Buy Nier Automata, download it and run it immediately.  This will activate a total conversion mod that will not only give you much better character selection , but better levels, a better story, better characters, better gameplay, more varied action better animations and music.  Everything people complain about with Mass Effect has been solved by this program!  You will have a much more satisfying gaming experience runing this program I promise!

In fact this program is so good you can even go ahead and uninstall then refund Mass Effect then run it on it’s own!

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