Extreme benchmarking the msi Titan 1080 SLI

Since I got my hands on the MSI Titan many of you have asked me to run benchmarks on some of the most popular apps and programs so here you go!

Facebook I can confirm runs at 60 frames per second!  Blazing fast the PCIE super raid 4 hard drives and mechanical keyboard makes everything from posting pictures to sending messages a breeze!

Trying out Word I found that I could use the very best words and as many of them as I wanted!   Take that Donald Trump!   Finally words for the masses at the low price of $5300 dollars! Even if I typed a full Terabyte of words I’d have a Terabyte of HDD Storage to type even MORE Words!  Could you imagine all those words?!

On to video!  It can play both youtube videos and videos on the device!  Upgrading from my Apple 2 to finally join the PC Master Race I was surprised to find videos on all social networks!  Just like on my phone!  It runs them all smooth and well!

Like a phone this computer comes with a webcam and microphone!  I fired up chaturbate and everyone could see and hear me clearly!

Alright on to games!I successfully Over clocked the monitor to 120fps and threw the most gruelling games on it!  Here is

Mario Lemieux Hockey

UNLIMITED POWER!  This game stayed at 60 FPS for both halfs making it at least twice as powerful as a sega genesis!   BUT PORTABLE!

Now I’m really going to blow your mind!   Many of you have asked to play this game and here it is.  Tomb Raider at 4k on a laptop!

Isn’t it incredible to think you could have the power of a playstation…but portable???

All this horsepower in one 17 lb 18 inches portable you’d only need a small carry on piece of luggage to take anywhere in the world?

Finally  overclocking!  This laptop comes with overclocking software as well as in the bios.  But I found inside 8 pounds of heatpipe I replaced with enriched uranium.  Doing this as well as putting my thang down, flippin it and reversing it on the SLI bridges forming an infinity symbol allowed both GPUs to operate at the maximum  power our universe allowed producing a 3d mark score  equivalent to the event that created our multiverse

Represented as infinity this has given this laptop the power to move through space, alternate timelines and dimensions at will as well as make any changes it would like as well as play games that might not have existed in any timeline.  This laptop isn’t just VR ready it creates it’s own realities.   The laptop has become sentient and in fact taken the form of a ship and a beautiful woman throughout our adventures I have fallen in love with.

Unfortunately some powers that be aren’t entirely happy with this so we traveled back to this date April 1st 2016 to warn you about the oncoming war with the Ultra Gods who feel we have too much power and hubris building something like this.  That you buy this laptop and prepare yourselves before it’s too late.

Well I’m  Jason Miller, captain of the MSI Titan signing off.  I’ll be playing


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