Violence, Rape, Killing, and Pedophelia is A-OK with me! (in video games and fiction)

Recently soul singer and songwriter Steve Brookstein posted a question on twitter:

Asking if those who think games that endorse killing will be ok with rape and pedophelia games.

Now I’m kind of biased as well as well versed in this subject, first of all, a long time gamer, a game developer  a review writer that has specifically covered games featuring rape, and an erotica writer as you can see in the sidebar links!

When I construct a fictional universe or any work of fiction, they all take place in “The World of Make Believe”.  The world of Make Believe is really amazing because in that world you can do or be anything!

Maybe you’re a rowdy lesbian going out on the prowl barhopping, maybe you’re a fish trying to find his school,  maybe you’re just a little snowball trying to outrun an avalanche, maybe you’re a couple just trying to survive and live a decent life while a godlife being forces erotica tropes into your life and universe! Maybe you’re a Pokemon Master and when trainers can’t afford to pay you after you beat them you accept other forms of punishment.

You get the idea, make believe can be anything and it can be as good or evil, concrete, or abstract as you want.  Rarely does anything that sells even begin to resemble reality in set up, execution and definitely outcomes!

As one example, I mean, I always say everybody likes incest erotica until the idea of their actual family comes around.   It always takes place in a universe where your Mom is Mercedes Carrera, your sister is Abella Danger, your Dad is Channing Tatum, and your Aunt is Hitomi J-cup.

Nobody wants to read a damn incest book about anything RESEMBLING an actual teenage brother and sister relationship how would you even write it “I went to my sisters room for the 5th time that night, to tell her to stop playing “I want it that way” for the love of god she’s had it on repeat with Jordan for 4 fucking hours.  She’s grown partial to the affectionate name “butthead” for me as she demanded I leave after implying the Backstreet were homosexuals, crying.  I played my new Nas  album Stillmatic at a much louder volume and then we fucked for no reason…Maybe I was turned on by the way she eats wood chips with sour cream, maybe she just couldn’t handle watching me perform WWE moves on anyone with two arms despite the warning at the beginning of the program but we had to consumate this passion!”

No, a brother sister, father daughter book is going to be explicitly designed to be something readers would find hot and of course it’s not  going to remotely touch on the outcomes for these characters as much as an awkward glance at a family reunion or the years of therapy, because they effectively fade into the ether once it’s over!  Doesn’t matter if it’s Harry Potter or Anastasia Steele once that climax is over they ride off into the sunset.

Billionaire is another hot niche, LOVED by women, here’s my checklist for a billionaire character:

Possessive, check. Jealous, check. Volatile, check.

We take a little Donald Trump, add  Obsessive, Borderline Stalker and that one guy that wears tapout tees to the pub and drives a diesel Hummer, the wealth modesty of P Diddy and that’s our romantic protagonist.  Maybe He punches a guy for touching the heroine’s arm. He starts a brawl in the cafeteria at her college that, in reality, would’ve ended in criminal charges and expulsion from the school. Maybe he chases the heroine down while she’s on a jog and yes she’s actively running trying to escape him but he catches he pins her to a tree, takes her number and forces her to drink out of his water bottle calling it a “shared kiss”.

and women go nuts for this kind of shit…case in point the inifinity dollars 50 shades is still making.   In  real life this in no way resembles a healthy relationship, a healthy CEO or a healthy company for that matter, think about how little you see these people running their company vs chasing their women down in helicopters to get them to sign bdsm contracts or buying art museums to keep anyone else from buying a picture of them?

But the world of make believe is constructed so tabloid journalists never harass or question the woman who would be responsible for millions of dollars of plummetting stocks or a CEO getting ousted for getting into fistfights in the street. “Oh that’s just Elon Musk duking it out with Mark Zuckerberg  over a girl at a  microsoft HQ party using bdsm terms nothing newsworthy here.”  It’s constructed so they have a cute meet, a lot of drama, during which that violence will NEVER be used on her like someone this insane would in real life, and a happy ending.

I could write endlessly about any genre that would become horrible if real life rules applied, slasher flicks, romance, super heroes, so what makes certain topics off limit for make believe?

When a person plays Grand Theft Auto, that is an entire universe DESIGNED for people to drive cars like idiots and shoot pedestrians in.  If you play Rapelay, the same ideas apply to rape, any sensible person knows, if you do these things you will have a negative effect on yourself, your enviroment and people around you!  One street race could leave you or someone else dead of handicapped, obviously if you rape someone you will and should go to jail for the harm you did to that person, if you apply even nonviolent game ideas like Kirby’s eating habits to their real life regimen they will end up with serious digestive tract issues along with whatever else you’d get from eating food you find on the street.

I guess technically I could check the “yes I’m a pervert” box but I’m an ethical pervert.  I’m honest about it and limit my pervert shit to people that wish and enthusiastically consent to participate.  What goes on in my bedroom isn’t really in the purview of this article besides most of it also takes place in make believe…wait.

What I mean is everyone involved is an adult and wants to be there also themselves perverts.  and if(by which I mean when) I make a game catering to those perverts, and their pervert tastes, tastes that technically make me a literary bestseller why should I NOT be allowed to serve consenting adults my own brand of make believe?

I will clearly label my product as not for children, or people who aren’t interested in it as I always have.  Common sense should dictate you should not commit these acts but if it doesn’t I’ll say the same things I’ve always said, I’m not a self help writer, these are shit ideas to take into your life, and if you do most of the things I write about around me you will be shot and if you survive you will be arrested.

If you really feel you need proof that gamers have empathy for the human condition the two names I would bring up are Lee Everett and Aeris(or Aerith this alone can start a fight)  Gainsborough.

Spoilers.  But these characters from The Walking Dead and Final Fantasy respectively as well as fan reaction to those deaths show just how deeply gamers are willing to care and feel for characters in fiction.

They weren’t part of a destructive sandbox and those fictional deaths hit hard.  I know every gamer knows the real world isn’t their own personal sandbox where they can jump on the curb during rush hour traffic and push pedestrians out the way, that every person deserves the same if not more dignity and thought when it comes to harming them.  Yes there are crazy people that will gravitate towards these things, they need mental help and that’s where the focus needs to be.  Not regulating make believe and the people that know it’s just that.

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