What Gamers can learn from fyre festival

Right so there is a wonderful writeup on Fyre Festival and how not to get ripped off by concerts and events here.  I’m not going to explain too much of that story except to say there are a lot of lessons the gaming community can take from this.

I don’t believe fyre festival is a scam. The organizers definitely had a vision like the one in that promo video, but obviously that’s not what happened. I’m curious what challenges the organizers faced that brought them to the terrible predicament they are in now. I knew would be a disaster but I thought maybe on a mass effect Andromeda level of incompetence not fema post Katrina.

I don’t think it was a matter of not having the money… the artists were definitely going to get paid and it looks like much of the hardware needed to set up a cool festival was either there or on its way there. The problem was just that it wasn’t set up. That strikes me as a man-power issue.

My theory is that they were going to rely on locals to set up the festival, provide security, prepare food, and do all of the heavy lifting. My guess is that those locals didn’t have much oversight and the people who were supposed to be coordinating the setup either didn’t have their own “boots on the ground” or just didn’t anticipate how long or how much effort it would take to complete the setup. Also if you have ever seen a construction crew from the Caribbean build something, you will quickly see that the expectations for progress from a “full day’s work” are not the same as they are in the states.

Those tents should have been set-up weeks ago, and they should have been outfitted like hotel rooms. The organizers should have flown in fleets of housekeepers, cooks, medical staff, lifeguards, and production assistants. The food should have been prepped days beforehand.

Ultimately this was a moonshot project  by people with little to no experience to create a dream event that veterans would have a hard time with. Passion and wishes don’t make projects happen, know how, experience, hard work and determination do.

We’ve seen this a lot on kickstarter.  Hell we’ve seen established devs screw up scale, schedule, funding and product on kickstarter.(not naming any names)

Ultimately the lesson I would like to convey to you is:



Unless you can and are willing to put in the due diligence to see:

  • “yes this developer has done work at this scale before or at least can step up to it”
  • “yes this developer and their team has the endorsement of knowledgeable people who believe this can be done by them”
  • They are making regular posts, updates and demos of their work

People bought tickets for this festival months before a lineup was even announced because of a non-representative trailer.

But the media had a lot to do with this as well.

Dozens of sites have bought into the hype over this festival by writing articles about it. Elle, Vogue, Bravo TV, Bustle, and TMZ have all covered this music event. But none have even remotely questioned it. Just because a model is paid to promote an event doesn’t make it real. They could have been lied to just as easily as we were.

The models that promoted the event were paid and didn’t disclose.  This is a big FTC nono and the 2nd worst endorsement Kendall Jenner made this month.  We have to stay on top of our influencers to keep them honest and the media needs to start asking questions instead of reprinting press releases.  There were some big red flags:

The location doesn’t exist:

The event is supposed to be held on the private Fyre Cay, but that location doesn’t exist. Many celebrities privately own cays in the Exuma province of the Bahamas. None of those are even close to large enough to hold an event for thousands though, let alone accommodate lodging too.
The map image featured on the festival website isn’t real. It’s a mock up but if you were to visit it today it’s still the same barren land that Google maps show. Locals report that only recently have tents begun to go up- but they are far from luxurious. They look thin, with poor flooring, and overall don’t look like they would stand up to the local weather.
The image featured in the map isn’t located on a private island either. It’s a spot on Great Exuma, the largest and most visited cay. The spot is also just a short distance from the massive Sandals resort- far from the private retreat the website promises. We’re not even going to mention the false reports that Pablo Escobar once supposedly owned this location (which he didn’t BTW).
The artists aren’t confirming playing the event
Fyre Festival boasts tons of high profile names from multiple musical genres. Daya, Migos, Major Lazer, and Blink 182 are only a few set to appear. But a simple Google search shows that Major Lazer has a booked performance in Texas during the dates of the second festival weekend.

The mix-ups don’t stop there. G.O.O.D Music is a record label by Kanye West, not an artist. It is possible that artists from the label are set to appear but which ones? A look at some of the smaller artists raises even more questions. DJ Lee Burridge’s name is spelled wrong. And THUGFUCKER doesn’t have a single social media account- only a Napster with a few remixes. Music festivals always have up and comers but with the event being so expensive having a performer with so little visibility is sketchy.

Visit any one of the dozen artists listed on Fyre Festival line up. Their Instagrams, Twitters, and websites are filled with dates and promo material for their upcoming performances. But none of them mention Fyre Festival.
This silence says a lot. Wouldn’t artists, especially those smaller ones featured, be thrilled about being included in the line-up of such a “historic” event? Only the host of the event, Ja Rule, has posted but he’s not even set to perform.
(This is a big red flag that the promoter has missed payment deadlines/failed to deliver on contract requirements that ensure you get the best show)

I’d like to reiterate some artists of don’t have a single social media account- only a Napster with a few remixes for one.  I personally HATE the internet, its mostly piracy and drama, but understand if you want to work you at least need an account on a website hopefully with some followers. They also had “surprise headliners” I can guarantee was nobody.  If the “surprise headliner” is a headliner they wouldn’t be surprising you with it…

I’m getting a bit in depth but to get that info you’d need to have read Fyrefraud on twiter:

or https://fyrecay.com/ (https://web.archive.org/web/20170413030242/https://fyrecay.com/) to get this info ahead of time.  So remember to check out the small sites, people and discussions going on on the web. Credit to them for the info in this.

The big media and influencers definitely shit the bed here leaving a lot of people stranded and disappointed. (No Man’s Sky)

I hope everyone stays safe, works together, and gets home safely. Fucking shame. I hope the creators and everyone involved in this shit show are held accountable. I also hope this serves as a good lesson not only for concerts but how we conduct business and purchase in general.

and make sure to purchase tickets for my own:

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