How to carry every retro game ever made on your android

Right, so there’s been a lot of hype over the SNES classic, Sega forever on android ect…Sometimes the ports of these games come up lacking like in Sega’s case.  I wanted to show you a simple way to have a FULL collection of all retro games you can keep on any mobile android device.  I personally use the Nvidia Shield portable for this but you can pick your own and of course to some extent this could be used for windows.

  1.  Buy a device that supports SD card.  This could be a phone, tablet, dedicated device like the GPD XD.  And buy a large capacity micro SD card.  This step is optional but of course it’s what’s going to allow you to carry more games and media than traditionally on an android device.  You can get a 128 gb card for $45
  2. Download all this fucking shit:
  3. All the SNES games(had to look up a torrent apparently Nintendo is going ham on these)
  4. Same with NES
  5. All the fucking genesis games
  6. Every arcade game ever made
  7. PS1
  8. Dreamcast too nigga
  9. fuck it throw turbografix on that bitch too.  But that’s about as far as you can go, Gamecube/ps2/ ect are kinda fucky right now, not worth the space in my opinion at this time your milage may vary.  Still this is like 10k games easy you’ll have something to do…
  10. Now you’re going to put all that shit that will fit on your SD card.  Download retroarch hit load core of the console you want to play and run the game from that app.  If you don’t like retroarch or find it too complicated you are free to download whatever emulator you want from the play store they are all up there.

But otherwise we’re done, Im done hearing about this shit.  It’s not hard, ya’ll don’t have to be blowing up the stores, fighting and shit to play these old ass games.  We were doing this shit in high school for fucks sake goddamn…

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