How to get the most out of the Mass Effect Andromeda character creator!

People have complained about the Mass Effect Character creator for…sucking so I thought I’d write a guide to help you all out!

Step one:  Start up Mass Effect and load it up until you reach the character creator.  Look and laugh at the horrible default options but don’t select anything.

Step two: Exit the Mass Effect Character creator.  In fact exit Mass Effect for that matter!

Step 3:  Open up Steam.  If you don’t already have Steam it’s an online store just like Origin but better.  Download it and once it’s open and you’re logged in search for a program called “Nier Automata”

Step 4: Buy Nier Automata, download it and run it immediately.  This will activate a total conversion mod that will not only give you much better character selection , but better levels, a better story, better characters, better gameplay, more varied action better animations and music.  Everything people complain about with Mass Effect has been solved by this program!  You will have a much more satisfying gaming experience runing this program I promise!

In fact this program is so good you can even go ahead and uninstall then refund Mass Effect then run it on it’s own!

Mass Effect Andromeda review

This review is going to be quick because I can’t wait to get back to playing Nier Automata.  Easily Game Of The Year Platinum Games, Yokotaro and Square Enix  teamed up to make a modern masterpiece of an action RPG the first game to really step up and fuse ideas from shooters, action games, exploration and start a conversation about our bloodlust vs empathy with a masterfully gripping plot with 24 different endings. Like I said I still can’t put it down even double dipping to buy it on PS4 and Steam(where it became available last weekend) for it’s  stellar soundtrack from Keiichi Okabe, beautiful world aesthetic and character designs full of small details that’ll put a smile on your face. Automata truly feels like a passion project for the whole development team that’s devil may cry meets shadow of the colossus meets Skyrim..

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