If you put your games on an SSD you should really know about symbolic links.

Basically it redirects a folder to a different folder. (in a way that is invisible to software).

Say for example the newly released vanquish on PC. 80 percent of the size of your installation consists of large video files for cutscenes, the game files themselves are very small and only a few GB.

So now you have a game taking up 14GB of space on your SSD and most of it is cutscenes that don’t need a fast SSD to play.

You can create a symbolic link from the video folder in the game folder on your SSD to a folder on your HDD. Then you move the video files to that folder on the HDD.

You now freed up about 10GB of space on your SSD and the game can still find the video files just the same (it goes looking for them in the video folder on your ssd, which then automatically redirects it to that HDD folder). Continue reading

Should you run it? Mass Effect Andromeda

There’s a thousand sites right now that will give you canned benchmarks for PC games, their performance on various PC’s, graphics cards, processors, but here we would like to break it down and answer those questions philosophically.

“can I run this game”. “Should I run this game?” Metaphor, Allegory, Motif, Philosophy any and all questions are open to interpretation. Are you playing the game or are you being played? Are you playing yourself? Continue reading

Destructoid fails at basic research

There’s an event, or series of events recently I’ve been calling “The War on Reality”.  It’s typically liberals or people we’d call “SJW”s that believe they can ignore hard evidence right in front of everybody to push narratives nobody but a small group of idiots would believe.  You know what I’m talking about pick one.  Name one call these people have gotten right in the last 4 years despite analysts, professionals, the public, telling them the shit wouldn’t fly.  Shit the war on reality is part of the reason we have our current president.  Something that would supposedly NEVER happen.  but I digress we’re about to look into a prime example of it.

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