#youtubeisoverparty youtube hiding LGBT content

Youtube’s restrictive mode is hiding LGBT content…good!
Apparently this new system is to allow advertisers to decide where their ads should go. I suppose it MIGHT be a good idea, but apparently LGBT stuff ended up in that 18 and over group, AND apparently this algorithm is ALLEGEDLY set up to auto unsub you if you’re of inappropriate age for the channel.
What’s worse? Apparently if your content is considered too “edgy” – kids below that age won’t be able to search your channel anymore or see it pop up in their recommended videos. The problem is, a lot of this type of content is shit “kids” between the ages of 12-17 would hear in real life, so in order to fuck your channel over, Youtube can conveniently decide to make you “too edgy” for the kids if you have certain type of content that the mainstream liberals or advertisers would find objectionable.

I don’t care who fucked up Mass Effect Andromeda

Well we’re sitting on the eve of the worst video game of all time Mass Effect Andromeda and as the creators of big rigs racing and Custer’s revenge finally prepare for vindication in being able to say “well we didn’t make that at least” we’re already seeing video game journalists Stan for Mass Effect by saying nobody likes it because a woman worked on it…

Ya know just like how EA won worst company on earth for two years because of “homophobia” and not shitty business practices.  (like queers want to be associated with EA’s fuckups that’s all they need the poor homos)

Gamers criticizing our product! >Quick, label the vocal critics and accuse them of harassment! The gaming industry is a one trick pony.

Nowadays only the people stupid enough to believe that remain as Mass Effect’s customer base as the entire world collectively took a shit on their trailers and prerelease materials: Continue reading

fuck politics will somebody actually talk about video games

To recap this sentiment: JonTron is one of many stupid assholes  that makes video game videos  on youtube.   Recently he said some dumb bullshit about politics he clearly hasn’t researched.

Why should any of us care?   Apparently some of you do?  Why do you care what celebrities or any unqualified fuckhead with a following thinks about a political issue they are woefully undereducated to speak on? Continue reading